Pablo martínez

Pablo Martinez Outomuro is a graduate and master in physics born in Gijón, Asturias. Now, he is as well a PhD researcher at the Nanomagnetism and Magnetization Processes Group, where he is working alongside Agustina Asenjo and David Navas.

- What have you worked on so far?

 I have a degree in physics and also a Master's degree in Advanced Physics: specialty in Nanophysics and Quantum Materials, which I did at the University of Oviedo. I have experience with magnetic materials from my TFG and TFM, and from subsequent work as a contracted researcher.

 What will you work on? With whom?

I will work on Thermomagnetic Materials with Agustina Asenjo and David Navas. It is an experimental project and I will work on the development of materials that enhance the thermoelectric effect. Through this, we seek to reuse, in a clean way, the energy that is lost in the form of heat in electronic devices to produce electricity.

Why did you choose ICMM?

For me it is a great opportunity to grow personally and professionally in a large and active group, which is a reference for magnetism in Spain.

And a personal touch: any hobbies? What would you like to contribute to the institute?

I am a great fan of sports and music; I could provide great motivation and desire to continue learning.