En el Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid somos más de 300 personas las que trabajamos cada día en áreas de conocimiento multidisciplinares que, unidas, son mejores. Sin embargo, nuestro centro no es solo un lugar de trabajo, es un lugar en el que pasamos muchas horas, sufrimos la frustración cuando un experimento no nos sale, nos alegramos cuando logramos alguno de nuestros muchos objetivos... en resumen, vivimos. 

Por todo ello, parte de nuestra seña de identidad es la vida comunitaria que se respira entre nuestras paredes y en nuestros grupos de investigación y demás personal técnico, de administración y de mantenimiento. De hecho, a lo largo del año son varias las actividades que nos permiten vivir la ciencia de una manera más humana, más colectiva. Aquí van algunas de ellas.


Our famous theater group has been around for decades, with a unique play per year: at the New Year's party. Every Christmas, several members from our center, from all possible positions, come together to entertain us with their satires, jokes, and dances to close the year on a fun-filled day. The group is always open to welcoming more actors and actresses.

Corredores ICMM


We go out running on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 13:00 hours in Valdelatas, the forest right next to our center. It's an hour to exercise, relieve stress... and then get back to research! If you enjoy sports, don't just watch us, join us.


Always under the baton of our researcher Harvey Amorín, the soul of the parties, this dance class group had to stop its activities when the state of alarm was declared due to the pandemic. However, they have just started again once a week in the evenings after we finish work. We usually opt for salsa, but you never know what might happen.

Fiesta verano


The end of the year and the end of the school year are two crucial moments in any institution, and ours is no exception. Although the Christmas party is famous for the theater performance, in all gatherings, we enjoy a pleasant feast accompanied by conversation and music to liven up the day.

Of course, here we share sorrows and celebrate joys, so whenever there is an award, it comes with its corresponding invitation to a little party. And, if the weather is nice, we go out to the garden and enjoy the greenery and the shade of our olive trees.