The Salvador de Aza Library, is one of CSIC's Library & Archive. This network is part of the CSIC Scientific Information System, is made up of the Unit of Scientific Information Resources for Research and 59 research libraries, as well as 14 scientific archives. Its Libraries and Archives are located within CSIC's research institutes.

CSIC Library & Archive Network also provides library services to research staff in centres and institutes. 

General Overview About Services

CSIC libraries and archives are public libraries and archives of a restricted nature. They are research libraries and archives with highly specialized collections. They are located within CSIC Research Institutes and they serve both internal and external users of the institution.

Basic library services: 

•    General information, reading room and, personal loan: 
•    Technical process: acquisition, cataloging, valuation of sources of information.
•    Bibliographic information
•    Virtual demand, which is attended personally.
•    Obtaining documents: loan Interlibrary.
•    Reproduction of documents.
•    Remote access to resources.
•    Research support services
•    Support for open access publication.
•    Bibliographic managers
•    Author Identifiers: ORCID
•    Publication Identifiers: DOI

Virtual library is the single point of access to electronic resources CSIC (databases, magazines and books electronic, WEBS, catalogs, etc.

Research Support

CSIC Libraries provide support to the research, communication and scientific evaluation processes of the institutional scientific community with services focused on stimulating good practices for Open Science at CSIC.

Helpful information:
Salvador de Aza Library 
Contact: Yolanda de la Peña 
Library´s contact: @email 
Instituto de Cerámica y Vidrio (CSIC)
C/ Kelsen, 5. Campus de la Universidad Autónoma. Cantoblanco 28049 Madrid (Madrid)