Not taking things for granted. Questioning. Questioning ourselves. From the Equality Committee, we encourage ICMM staff, especially those who are part of the CI, to participate in the equality training courses offered by the CSIC and the Ministry of Science and Innovation. In addition, we have launched our own training initiatives:

Other Training Activities

Internal Workshops at ICMM: To promote the training of our staff, the CI has initiated the implementation of brief workshops on various topics. So far, we have conducted a workshop on inclusive language targeted at managerial, administrative, and scientific culture staff at the center. We plan to also launch workshops for early-career scientific personnel, aimed at providing an overview of gender perspective and diversity in Science.

Workshops for teachers: We conduct awareness workshops on the gender perspective for educators. In these workshops, we present data and scientific studies that identify how biases contribute to discouraging girls from STEM disciplines, and we provide guidelines and resources to help address this issue. We have implemented these workshops in the Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology course, organized by the Community of Madrid.

Talks for Educational Institutions: As part of the DICMA catalog of talks, we offer one on the gender perspective in Science, adaptable for both teachers and students at different levels, from Primary to High School.