In the last four years, CSIC researchers have directed an average of 1000 TFGs per year, their main functions being:

  • Guide the student during the realization of the same
  • Guarantee that the objectives initially defined are achieved in the set time, and
  • Issue an assessment of the TFG on its suitability for public defense, in apt or not apt.

If you want to carry out your TFG at the Institute of Materials Science of Madrid you must:

Find a group or researcher from our center that interests you and contact him or her to see the possibility of doing your TFG in that research group or institute. In this link you can find all the research groups, filtering by area or topic, in order to find which ones interest you and their contact.

In order to carry out the TFG at the CSIC, it is necessary that there previously be an educational cooperation agreement between institutions. The standard protocol is that you contact the external placement office of your university, where they indicate the steps to follow.