The research staff of the Institute of Materials Science of Madrid is divided into 30 research groups, each assigned to one department for administrative purposes. 

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 

Head: Jesus Mª Gonzalez Fernandez


  • Advanced force microscopy and nanolithography (ForceTool)
  • Growth and properties of heterostructures in the nanoscale
  • Low-dimensional Advanced Materials
  • Surface Nanostructuring for Space and Terrestrial Communications
  • SpLine - Spanish CRG BM25 beamline at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility ESRF (Grenoble, Francia)
  • Materials for Medicine and Biotechnology

Frontiers in materials chemistry

Head: Berta Gómez-Lor


  • Energy conversion, harvesting and storage
  • Functional and supramolecular materials
  • Nanostructured Hybrid, Biohybrid and Porous Materials
  • Group of Bioinspired Materials

Low dimensional systems

Head: José Ignacio Martínez Ruiz


  • ESISNA - Interdisciplinary Studies based on nanoscopic systems
  • 2D Foundry
  • SANDMAN - Surface Science and Nanocharacterization

Materials for optoelectronics

Head: Asunción Alicia de Andrés Miguel


  • Photonic Crystals Group
  • Group of Research on Rare earth-based laser and luminescent materials REALM
  • Optomechanics lab
  • Nanocharacterization of materials (NanoCarma)
  • Sol-Gel Group
  • Heterostructures for optics and optoelectronics

Multifunctional materials

Head: Rafael Perez del Real


  • Group of Functional Ferroelectric Materials (GF2)
  • Nanomagnetism and Magnetization processes Group
  • Multifunctional composites
  • Electroactive oxides for smart devices

Theory and Simulation of materials

Head: Elsa Prada Nuñez


  • Novel Platforms and Nano-devices for Quantum Simulation and Computation
  • Photon and electron propagation in nanostructures
  • Simulation and Modeling of Materials
  • Field Theories in Condensed Matter Physics
  • Theory of quantum materials and solid-state quantum technologies
  • Quantum Dynamics of Materials (QUDYMA)