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On April 27, 2023, the Institute of Materials Science of Madrid (ICMM), CSIC, is hosting its I Seminar for Young Materials Researchers (YOUMAT23). The event is taking place in the ICMM Assembly Hall, from 8.30 AM to 6 PM.

The aim of this meeting is to promote communication and interaction between young people who are starting research in the area of ​​Materials Science, as well as to create a space in which these young people from our centre can discuss the results of their work with senior staff. In addition, it is intended that young students from Madrid universities can attend so that they can get to know the ICMM, so that they can consider it among their options to develop their end-of-degree, master's degree projects, or carry out their doctoral thesis.

The oral communications will be held in English and will last 15 minutes (12 for exposition + 3 for discussion)

The scientific posters must be 90 x 120 cm. The candidates will bring them themselves. They will be exhibited in the hall of the centre during the day and will be presented during coffee breaks.


There will be four prizes: one for the best communication for each line of research (three) and another for the best poster. A diploma will be delivered and an interview will be held with the four winners. This interview will be disseminated in the ICMM media (web, television at the centre, social networks) and the sector's media and will serve as a cover letter for the researcher in their career.

Public registration

Attendance is free but requires registration in order to book coffee and beers. Any person from the academic community of both the CSIC and University can register at this link*

*Registration includes free breakfast for those who attend the event.

**All the people who participate will receive their supporting certificate. Attendance roll will be passed.

Program (April 2023)

8:30-9:00    Registration at ICMM hall
9:00-9:05    Wellcome (Eva. M Maya)
9:05-9:25    Research at ICMM (Jesús Ricote)

Materials for Digital Information Communications

9:25-9:45    Dr. Unai Atxitia - Personal trajectory and current vision

9:45-11:00: Scientific Communications

OP1- Beatriz Pérez González - Models for light-matter interaction in the presence of topological properties

OP2- Sergio Puebla - Using freestanding complex oxides for a high-performance FET

OP3- Miguel Sánchez Sánchez- Twisted bilayer graphene in one magnetic flux quantum: topology and particle-hole asymmetry

OP4- Eduardo Bernal Molinero - High harmonic generation with a twist: all-optical characterization of magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene.

OP5- Theodor Griepe - Intrinsic energy flow in ultrafast dynamics of electrons, phonons and spins in Fe3GeTe2

11:00-11:30 - Coffee Break  + Poster Session

Materials for a Sustainable Word Communications

11:30-11:50    Dr. Federico Serrano - Personal trajectory and current vision

11:50-13:20: Scientific Communications
OP6- Maxime Sauvan - Characterization of Fe catalyst using for CO2 photoreduction with Al(III) photosensitizers

OP7- Raul Artal López - Tuning the ionic conductivity and electrochemical stability of Li3InCl6 analogues by the aliovalent substitution of In

OP8-Thomas Pucher - High-mobility MoS2 phototransistor using biodegradable albumen dielectrics

OP9-Gülsüm Ersü - Fast and Awesome: Laser Annealing to Improve Conductivity Graphite Films

OP10-Nayara Méndez Gil - Truxene-Based Porous Triazole-Linked Polymers for Dye Removal through Synergetic Adsorption and Photodegradation

OP11-Angela Matarin Serrano - Ketone-based polymers as heterogeneous catalysts for valorization of lignin

13:20-14:45    Lunch time

14:45-15:45: Scientific Communications

OP12-MCarmen Borrallo Aniceto - Phenyl extended-BTBT-based covalent triazine framework as versatile metal-free heterogeneous photocatalyst

OP13-Beatriz Fuerte Díez - Imidazolium-based hypercrosslinked ionic polymers as metal-free catalyst for N-formylation of amines with CO2

OP14-Daniel Arribas Mercado - On-surface thermal dehydrogenation of n-octane on Pt(111)

OP15-José María Gómez Fernández - Synthesis of Photoactive BOPHY-based Organometallic Polymers on Metal Surfaces

Materials for Health Communications

15:45-16:05 - Dra. Ana Espinosa - Personal trajectory and current vision

16:05-16:50: Scientific Communications

OP16-Jorge Marqués Marchán - Magnetostrictive nanostructured surfaces for antimicrobial applications

P17-Carlos Díaz-Ufano Matesanz - Exploring the production of high magnetic response materials obtained by green synthetic routes

OP18-Esther Benayas Martín - Biomaterial-based approaches to promote neural regeneration at the injured spinal cord

16:50-17:15 Beer (I) + Poster Session

17:15-18:00: Round Table

18:00 Awards / Closing and Beer (II)

Any doubt? Contact Eva Maya: @email