Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) of solids

It will take place from 13 to 17 of November of 2023. 

Monday-Thursday: 9:30 - 14:00 and 15:00 to 17:00h; Friday: 9:30 to13:30h. 

Intended for scientific and technical personnel in need of acquiring this knowledge. Preferably those who provide their services at the Materials Science Institute in Madrid.

Objectives: Provide knowledge on the theoretical foundation of the technique, instrumentation used, data acquisition, and interpretation of results.



  • Fundamentals of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
  • NMR spectrometer for solid samples.
  • Detection and interpretation of NMR signal. Magnetic interactions experienced by solids.
  • Applications of NMR in materials study.


  • Detection of the NMR phenomenon (experimental parameters).
  • Resolution of theoretical problems.
  • Acquisition of mono- and bidimensional spectra of different nuclei in solids.
  • Interpretation and quantitative analysis of high-resolution spectra.

Duration: 30 hours

Number of spots: 12

More info: Virginia Díez Gómez 

Virginia diez