The Training and Seminars Commission organizes various seminars each week aimed at the scientific and general public.

  • Colloquia. The ICMM has launched this unique cycle in which experts in other areas of knowledge come to our assembly hall to show us their work in fields that, a priori, are unknown to us.
  • Lectures on Materials Sciences: seminars by experts in Materials Science who come to our center every month to report on their latest scientific findings.
  • Alternative Theory Seminars
  • IFIMAC+ICMM Joint Seminar series
  • Equality Webinars: Each mini-cycle is made up of three webinars spaced over two or three weeks, and in them, we seek to explore new aspects, little discussed, or of very high interest to the scientific community, with a clear educational vocation. Most of the webinars are on our youtube channel.
  • I Seminar for Young PhD students in Materials Science: The objective of this meeting is to promote communication and interaction between young people who are starting research in the area of ​​Materials Science, as well as to create a space in which these young people from our center can discuss the results of their work with senior staff. . In addition, it is intended that young students from Madrid universities can attend so that they can get to know the ICMM, so that they can consider it among their options to develop their end-of-degree, master's degree projects, or carry out their doctoral thesis.

All the events appear in our agenda, together with the rest of the acts of other sister commissions: Outreach Commission, Equality Commission, etc.

They are published on our social networks:: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Facebook.