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The Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid (ICMM) is an institute of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC) (Spanish National Research Council) founded in December 1986, that belongs to the Area of Science and Technology of Materials, one of the eight Areas in which the CSIC divides its research activities.


Our mission is to create new fundamental and applied knowledge in materials of high technological impact, their processing and their transfer to the productive sectors at local, national and European scales (the true value of materials is in their use), the training of new professionals, and the dissemination of the scientific knowledge.

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The Role of Oxygen Atoms on Excitons at the Edges of Monolayer WS2

Zhenliang Hu, Jose Avila, Xinyun Wang, Jin Feng Leong, Qi Zhang, Yanpeng Liu, Maria C. Asensio, Junpeng Lu, Alexandra Carvalho, Chorng Haur Sow, Antonio Helio Castro Neto

We clarify that the chemisorption of oxygen atoms at the edges is a key contributor to the frequently observed edge enhancement and spatial non-uniformities of photoluminescence (PL) in WS2monolayers. Here we have investigated with momentum- and real-space nanoimaging of the chemical and electronic density inhomogeneity of WS2 flakes. Our finding from a large panoply of techniques together with density functional theory calculation confirms that the oxygen chemisorption leads to the electron accumulation at the edges. This facilitates the trion dominance of PL at the edges of WS2 flakes. Our results highlight and unravel the significance of chemisorbed oxygen at the edges in the PL emission and electronic structure of WS2, providing a viable path to enhance the performance of transition-metal-dichalcogenide-based devices.

Nano Lett., 2019

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