Jae Intro 2023

Julia, Pablo, Raúl, Gustavo, and Bob. These are the first names'of the last five students who have joined the Materials Science Institute of Madrid (ICMM-CSIC) thanks to the JAE-Intro scholarships.

This is a program aimed at encouraging the comprehensive training of scientific, technical, and research management staff by incorporating them into the organizational structures of the CSIC, offering the beneficiaries the best possible working and specialization conditions.

Specifically, Julia Hernández is working with scientist Carmen Munuera on the characterization of devices based on 2D materials. They use SPM techniques, focusing mainly on KPFM (Kelvin probe force microscope) and AFM (atomic force microscopy).

Bob McLarnon, who spent last year at ICMM in an exchange with his university, has returned to ICMM to continue working with Andrés Castellanos-Gomez. This time, he is creating eco-friendly electronic devices by integrating van der Waals materials into biodegradable substrates. A sustainable solution to reduce electronic waste and environmental impact.

Leni Bascones, on the other hand, is mentoring Pablo Saborino remotely to train him in the theoretical study of quantum phenomena in graphene multilayers where the combination of electronic interactions and topology leads to new electronic phases.

Gustavo Ismael Pacheco has also just joined to work with researcher Cristina Pascual on developing prototypes that accelerate tissue repair by controlling the healing process. Specifically, Gustavo will 3D print and characterize biodegradable polymeric matrix porous structures with microstructural gradients and anisotropy of piezoelectric properties with specific patterns. All of this aims to recreate the natural bone healing process by accelerating the formation of callus.

The latest addition is Raúl Larrubia, who is already working with Bernd Wicklein on the automation of nanogenerators for renewable energy harvesting. Additionally, he will use 3D printing for the manufacture of advanced materials.