At the Materials Science Institute of Madrid, we are more than 320 people working every day in multidisciplinary areas of knowledge that, when combined, are stronger. However, our center is not just a workplace; it is a place where we spend many hours, experience frustration when an experiment doesn't work out, and rejoice when we achieve one of our many goals... in short, we live.

Because of all this, part of our identity is the sense of community that is fostered within our walls and among our research groups and other technical, administrative, and maintenance staff. In fact, throughout the year, there are several activities that allow us to experience science in a more human and collective way. Here are some of them.

Music: Within Experimental Error... 2.0

Since 2023, our parties have their own music: Within Experimental Error 2.0 (the second version of our last band, which disappeared some years ago) plays some of the greatest hits of music's history. Its members are: Elena López (voice), Nacho Jiménez (voice), Irene Castro (Viola, voice), Estrella Sánchez (Cello), Shulamit Edelstein (Piano), Luisi Forzani, (bass), Alvaro Blanco (guitar), Ramón Aguado (Guitar, harmonica), Carlos García, (clarinet), Irene Colomar (soprano and alto saxo) and Miguel Camblor (tenor saxo).



Our famous theater group has been around for decades, with a unique play per year: at the New Year's party. Every Christmas, several members from our center, from all possible positions, come together to entertain us with their satires, jokes, and dances to close the year on a fun-filled day. The group is always open to welcoming more actors and actresses.

Corredores ICMM


We go out running on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 13:00 hours in Valdelatas, the forest right next to our center. It's an hour to exercise, relieve stress... and then get back to research! If you enjoy sports, don't just watch us, join us.


We meet on Mondays and Wednesday from 1PM to 2PM. We aim to learn our mind and body deeply through different meditation tools. If you want to join us, please get in touch with  o for more information

Grupo de meditación
Fiesta verano


The end of the year and the end of the school year are two crucial moments in any institution, and ours is no exception. Although the Christmas party is famous for the theater performance, in all gatherings, we enjoy a pleasant feast accompanied by conversation and music to liven up the day.

Of course, here we share sorrows and celebrate joys, so whenever there is an award, it comes with its corresponding invitation to a little party. And, if the weather is nice, we go out to the garden and enjoy the greenery and the shade of our olive trees.