Senior Scientist

Nanomagnetism and Magnetization Processes Group

My current research interests are the development of Advanced Magnetic Force Microscopy modes as the Variable Field-MFM that allow us to study the magnetization reversal processes in individual magnetic nanostructures (in particular applied to cylindrical magnetic nanowires). In the last years, I have extended my research activities towards biomagnetic materials (nanoparticles and bactericidal surfaces) and materials for energy (mainly focused on the study of Nernst Effect in multilayered thin films).

PhD thesis in Physics (1997) at the UAM (STM/SEM combined characterization of surfaces, supervised by Prof. A. M. Baró). Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Comunidad de Madrid (1998-2000) at the Institute of Applied Magnetism (UCM-RENFE) under the supervision of M. Vázquez. During this postdoctoral stay we built the first MFM in Spain. In this period, I performed two postdoctoral short stays in Grenoble (Francia) and Enschede (Netherlands). Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Physics of the UCM (2000-2003) under the supervision of J. M. Rojo. In 2003 I joined the ICMM-CSIC as a Tenured Track (Ramón y Cajal Program). In 2007, I obtained a permanent position as Tenured Scientist of the CSIC and from 2016 I am Senior Researcher.

Co-author of more than 100 papers in international journals (80% of them in Q1) and 3 patents, one of them licensed in 2018. Supervision of 4 thesis (and 3 more ongoing) and around 17 postdocs, master students and undergraduate students. I have participated in more than 30 regional, national, and international projects (leading 11 on them.

I'm actively involved in training and outreach activities. Co-organization (secretary and co-director) of the UIMP Summer Courses in 2015, 2016 and 2018 and the Course of Teaching Training Program of the Comunidad de Madrid (since 2015). Participation in Open Days, Guided Visits, Science Fair of Madrid, European Researchers' Night, Science & Art activities, etc.

Member of several Program Committees, co-organizer of symposia in International congress and member of evaluation panels in Spain and foreign countries. Responsable, from 2008, of the "Servicio de Microscopía de Campo Cercano del ICMM-CSIC" belonging to the Red de Laboratorios de la CM.

Deputy director of the ICMM-CSIC from 2013 to 2018.

Elected Member of the General Council of the EMA (European Magnetism Association) from 2020

Co-founder member of the ICMM Equality Commission.