They are not educational talks, they are outreach talks. Why? Because we have prepared our talks for everyone: educational audiences, of course, but we want to go much further: geriatric residences, sociocultural centers, juvenile centers, migrant organizations, hospitals, foundations, penitentiary centers, support units... and, of course, isolated and discriminated people: with some type of disability, with problems understanding Spanish, from little towns...etc.

In our catalog of outreach talks, you can see our proposal: very varied and for all audiences. Some of the talks already include an interpreter at LSE, but in any other you can also request one. In addition, there is a talk entirely in English, although most can also be requested in this language.

We move wherever they call us. If you are interested in any of our outreach talks, you just have to write to us at indicating your name and origin, as well as an approximate date and time for the talk you want.

thank you