PhD student

Novel Platforms and Nano-devices for Quantum Simulation and Computation


Juan Zurita is a predoctoral researcher focusing on topological materials of low dimensionality, exploring their possible applications in the field of quantum simulation and computation, using both analytical and numerical methods. In particular, his work studies the interplay between topology and other phenomena, such as the localization present in flat-band systems or interparticle interactions. These models can be implemented in platforms like photonic lattices, semiconducting quantum dots, cold atoms or superconducting circuits.

Juan received his BSc (Grado en Física) and MSc (Máster en Física Teórica) at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and was granted a Departmental Collaboration Scholarship, under the supervision of Charles Creffield (UCM) and Gloria Platero (ICMM), and a JAE Intro scholarship supervised by Álvaro Gómez-León (IFF). He is currently developing his doctoral thesis at ICMM with an FPU contract under the direction of Gloria Platero, with Charles Creffield as codirector.