What will you work on? With whom?

Pedro Luis Alcázar

My thesis consists of studying anomalous photovoltaic effects (APEs) on 2D materials, especially at low temperatures. To summarize a bit: the normal photovoltaic effect in semiconductors occurs when photons excite charge carriers (electrons and holes) that move around the system, generating a net current. However, in some special materials, the current generated by incident light depends on the direction of the crystalline structure the carriers are moving. These systems are quite interesting both for studying fundamental physics properties and for developing new technologies. Here at the ICMM, I will be working with Jorge Quereda Bernabeu and the people from the 2D Foundry.

Why did you choose ICMM?

I first contacted Jorge through my other supervisor at the UCM, Francisco Domínguez-Adame Acosta. Jorge had worked on Salamanca with the experimental collaborators of Francisco, and he was interested in continuing the shared research in Madrid. Eventually, he managed to obtain a position here at the ICMM, where he plans to settle down. This was a great opportunity for me, because it allows me to work with the fantastic people working in the institute and use the facilities.

And a personal touch: any hobbies? What would you like to contribute to the institute?

Some of my hobbies are learning facts that nobody cares about, playing both video games and boardgames, and doing exercise. I don't know about the whole institute, but I hope that I can contribute to creating a good working environment in the 2D Foundry.