Fernando Aguilar

Fernando Aguilar-Galindo Rodríguez is is an assistant professor in the chemistry department of the Autonomous University of Madrid who is visiting the Interdisciplinary studies based on nanoscopic systems group, lead by José Ángel Martín Gago. 

- What have you worked on so far?

I'm a quantum chemist. My work focuses on the theoretical study of chemical processes at the atomic level. My most active line of research focuses on processes on the surfaces of materials (such as catalytic processes) and/or processes in which light mediates (photochemical/photophysical processes).

- What will you work on? With whom?

At the ICMM I will work on trying to understand, from a theoretical perspective with the help of quantum chemistry simulations, the processes that occur in the experiments of José Ángel Martín Gago's group. Understanding what happens on such a small scale can help suggest modifications in materials that favor these processes on surfaces. This can make, for example, electrocatalytic processes more efficient and require less energy or produce fewer unwanted products, in line with the principles of green chemistry, one of my goals as a researcher.

- Why did you choose ICMM?

The ICMM is a leading research center in the field of materials. It is a multidisciplinary environment where both theoretical and experimental researchers coexist, so it is a very productive scientific environment, to which I believe I can contribute my grain of sand and where I believe I will learn a lot.

- And a personal touch: any hobbies? What would you like to contribute to the institute?

After all day in front of the computer or a whiteboard, I like to exercise to clear my head. You can also find me in a Latin dance, CrossFit or spinning class. I also really like music (I play the flute) or turtles: I have had a land turtle for more than 20 years and it continues to surprise me every day.