Author: Zengxin Wei, PhD researcher at ICMM-CSIC 

Directors: Manuel Vázquez and David Navas

When: Tuesday, July 9th - 12PM

Where: Salón de Actos

Abstract: The rapid advancement of applied nanotechnologies in society has increased the demand for ultra-high-density magnetic storage, advanced sensors, and high-frequency devices, among other technological advancements. The discovery of the giant magnetoresistance effect in Fe/Cr superlattices in the late 1980s represented an outstanding step forward in that concern. As a result, an increasing number of researchers have focused their investigations more recently on magnetic multilayer structures. The study of the magnetic properties of these structures carries immense importance for their potential practical applications.

This thesis investigates several series of magnetic multilayer structures where their static and dynamic magnetic behavior is analyzed as a function of the layer's thickness. The high-frequency behavior was analyzed by utilizing theoretical knowledge like the Kittel model, where magnetic parameters, such as the exchange coupling between two magnetic layers separated by a nonmagnetic spacer, were determined. There, the particular relevance of acoustic and optical modes is determined.

Our research has significant implications for high-frequency devices and related theoretical studies. By altering the thickness, we can control the exchange coupling and resonant modes. Further, our fabrication methods yield high-quality samples with a low composition cost, amplifying their potential wide-ranging applications.