By: Stephanie Matern, University of Trento

When: May, 13th - 3PM

Where: Sala de Seminarios, 182. Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid

Abstract: In this talk I will consider a quantum dot coupled to a finite-size reservoir described by a quasi-equilibrium state with time-dependent chemical potential and temperature. Additionally, the QD and the finite-size reservoir are coupled to infinite reservoirs. The system dynamics are modelled within a mesoscopic description combined with a rate equation for the dot dynamics. Analyzing the non-equilibrium transport properties, I will show that the finite-ness of the reservoir has a significant effect on the stationary state properties, visible in a shift of the edges of the Coulomb diamonds. Along the diamond’s high conductance lines a heat current out of the finite-size reservoir leads to thermoelectric cooling of that reservoir. Finally, I will discuss the full time evolution to gain insight into the relevant time scales characterising the system’s dynamics, and what it means for the refrigeration of the finites-size reservoir.