Tenured Scientist

Electroactive Oxides for Smart Devices

The research interest of Dr. Íñigo Bretos is focused on the synthesis, processing and characterization of multifunctional materials (ferroelectrics, piezoelectrics, dielectrics, multiferroics or superconductors) for intelligent and sustainable electronic devices with application in the fields of digital information (memories, sensors and actuators), energy (photovoltaic and piezoelectric harvesters) and environment (photocatalysts for environmental remediation). Over the years, his research career has evolved from the area of microelectronics to the emerging technology of flexible electronics putting special emphasis on the development of synthetic approaches with low-energy consumption (low-temperature processing) and environmentally friendly (aqueous synthetic routes, lead-free materials). This fact motivated the development of his main research line: the low-temperature processing of metal oxide thin films by wet chemical methods.

During his career, he has led several research projects (EXPLORA, ComFuturo) and has participated in more than 25 R&D projects and contracts with private companies (BASF SE and Deutsche Nanoschicht GmbH). He is author of more than 50 articles in SCI journals, 3 book chapters and 1 international patent of invention. Among his articles contributions in Chemical Society Reviews, Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, Journal of the American Chemical Society and Chemistry of Materials stand out. He has an active participation in activities of science outreach (highlighting his projects "Toca la Ciencia" and "La radiante vide de Marie Curie"), appearing in several national/autonomic media (RTVE, La Sexta TV, EITB, El Mundo, madri+d, etc). At ICMM-CSIC, he belongs to the Scientific Culture and Outreach Commission and to the Equality Commission; he organizes the seminar line "Young Scientist Meetings"; he coordinates the outreach activity "Toca la Ciencia" as well as one of the outreach routes offered in the guide tours to his center; and he teaches in the postgraduate course "Frontiers in Materials Science".