Senior Scientist

Photonic Crystals Group

Álvaro Blanco is a Tenured Scientist in the Spanish Research Council (Institute of Materials Science, CSIC) with more than 20 years of professional career. His scientific interests focus on the preparation, characterisation and processing of three-dimensional self-assembled structures with applications in photonics where he has made several seminal contributions to the field: during his PhD he fabricated the first photonic crystal in the NIR, during his postdoc he contributed to the fabrication of the first holographic photonic crystal with gaps in the VIS/NIR and during his senior years he has made important contributions to the study and exploitation of disorder in photonic nanostructures. He has published about 70 papers (more than 80% in Q1 journals) accumulating more than 5000 citations. In his role as scientific manager, his contributions to national and international evaluation panels (ANEP; MICINN; FCT, Portugal; R&C 2020 Commission; EU-ERC; Xunta de Galicia; CONICET) and his almost four years as Deputy Director of the ICMM-CSIC stand out.