Nuevos CT se incorporan al ICMM

The Material Science Institute of Madrid (ICMM-CSIC) welcomes new researchers in 2024: twelve Tenured Researchers just chose ICMM to develop their careers as permanent staff in the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). They joined our centre between December and January, so now they are part of our institute. 

This is the first time so many researchers entre a centre at the same time (without taking into account the moments of the creation of a new institute, which is not the case), so this is a good sign of how the ICMM is facing the social goals in the correct direction, and how it is seen as a place to be, a place to research and make a career. 

José Ángel Martín Gago, ICMM's director, welcomed them in a private meeting at the end of January, and talked to them about what the ICMM wants from them, and what the ICMM can do for them. In that meeting, all of them agreed to prepare an event for a public presentation of these new researchers and their new research lines. This event will be held during all of May's Mondays, in the mornings (four researchers per day). This is the agenda:

May, 6 (12PM to 1PM)

  • Miguel Muñoz (ERC Consolidator Grant 2024)
  • Íñigo Bretos
  • Bernd Wicklein

May, 13 (12PM to 1PM)

  • Pablo Merino
  • Sol Carretero
  • Jorge Quereda
  • Ana Espinosa

May, 20 (12PM to 1PM)

  • Fabrize P. Laussy
  • Alberto Cortijo
  • Andreas Mavrantonak
  • Antonio Picón

May, 27 (12PM to 1PM)

  • Lidia Martínez
  • Miriam Jaafar
  • J. Guillherme Vilhena
  • Debate: new challenges for tenured scientists at the ICMM