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Papers published in 2019-2018

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The papers are ordered by the impact factor (Journal Citation Reports 2017). Papers with the same impact factor are ordered alphabetically.


Group of Research on Electroactive and Laser Materials - REALM


Papers: 2

Mean Impact Factor : 7,595

1. Myelinated axons and functional blood vessels populate mechanically compliant rGO foams in chronic cervical hemisected rats
Dominguez-Bajo, A; Feito, MJ; Gonzalez-Mayorga, A; Guerrero, CR; Palomares, FJ; Garcia, R; Lopez-Dolado, E; Serrano, MC
Biomaterials 83, 456-466 (2019)  

2. Synergistic effect of Si-hydroxyapatite coating and VEGF adsorption on Ti6Al4V-ELI scaffolds for bone regeneration in an osteoporotic bone environment
Izquierdo-Barba, I; Santos-Ruiz, L; Becerra, J; Feito, MJ; Fernandez-Villa, D; Serrano, MC; Diaz-Guemes, I; Fernandez-Tome, B; Enciso, S; Sanchez-Margallo, FM; Monopoli, D; Afonso, H; Portoles, MT; Arcos, D; Vallet-Regi, M
Acta Biomater. 192, 461-474 (2019)  


Papers: 4

Mean Impact Factor: 2,838

1. Anisotropic magnetic structures of the MnRMnSbO6 high-pressure doubly ordered perovskites (R = La, Pr, and Nd)
Solana-Madruga, E; Arevalo-Lopez, AM; Dos Santos-Garcia, AJ; Ritter, C; Cascales, C; Saez-Puche, R; Attfield, JP
Phys. Rev. B 97, - (2018)  

2. Magnetic structures and magnetocaloric effect in RVO4 (R = Gd, Nd)
Palacios, E; Evangelisti, M; Saez-Puche, R; Dos Santos-Garcia, AJ; Fernandez-Martinez, F; Cascales, C; Castro, M; Burriel, R; Fabelo, O; Rodriguez-Velamazan, JA
Phys. Rev. B 97, - (2018)  

3. Site symmetry and host sensitization-dependence of Eu3+ real time luminescence in tin dioxide nanoparticles
Cascales, C; Balda, R; Garcia-Revilla, S; Lezama, L; Barredo-Zuriarrain, M; Fernandez, J
Opt. Express 26, 16155-16170 (2018)  

4. Rare-earth-doped wide-bandgap tin-oxide nanocrystals: pumping mechanisms and spectroscopy
Fernandez, J; Garcia-Revilla, S; Balda, R; Cascales, C
Proc Spie 10528, - (2018)  

Photonic Crystals Group


Papers: 1

Mean Impact Factor : 3,589

1. Random lasing emission tailored by femtosecond and picosecond pulsed polymer ablation
Consoli, A; Soria, E; Caselli, N; Lopez, C
Opt. Lett. 44, 518-521 (2019)  


Papers: 8

Mean Impact Factor: 9,929

1. Cellulose-based multifunctional photonic structures
Guidetti, G; Espinha, A; Frka-Petesic, B; Atifi, S; Serrano, M; Dumanli, A; Blanco, A; Hamad, W; Lopez, C; Vignolini, S
Abstr. Pap. Am. Chem. Soc. 255, - (2018)

2. Hierarchically Porous Carbon Photonic Structures
Gil-Herrera, LK; Pariente, JA; Gallego-Gomez, F; Gandara, F; Juarez, BH; Blanco, A; Lopez, C
Adv. Funct. Mater. 28, - (2018)  

3. Tunable Visual Detection of Dew by Bare Artificial Opals
Gallego-Gomez, F; Morales, M; Blanco, A; Lopez, C
Adv. Funct. Mater. 28, - (2018)  

4. Generalized Fano lineshapes reveal exceptional points in photonic molecules
Caselli, N; Intonti, F; La China, F; Biccari, F; Riboli, F; Gerardino, A; Li, LH; Linfield, EH; Pagliano, F; Fiore, A; Gurioli, M
Nat. Commun. 9, - (2018)  

5. Unexpected Optical Blue Shift in Large Colloidal Quantum Dots by Anionic Migration and Exchange
Acebron, M; Galisteo-Lopez, JF; Lopez, C; Herrera, FC; Mizrahi, M; Requejo, FG; Palomares, FJ; Juarez, BH
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 9, 3124-3130 (2018)  

6. Direct Measurement of Microporosity and Molecular Accessibility in Stober Spheres by Adsorption Isotherms
Farrando-Perez, J; Lopez, C; Silvestre-Albero, J; Gallego-Gomez, F
J. Phys. Chem. C 122, 22008-22017 (2018)  

7. Color Engineering of Silicon Nitride Surfaces to Characterize the Polydopamine Refractive Index
Vega, M; del Valle, EM; Perez, M; Pecharroman, C; Marcelo, G
ChemPhysChem 19, 3418-3424 (2018)  

8. Self-assembly of polyhedral metal-organic framework particles into three-dimensional ordered superstructures
Avci, C; Imaz, I; Carne-Sanchez, A; Pariente, JA; Tasios, N; Perez-Carvajal, J; Alonso, MI; Blanco, A; Dijkstra, M; Lopez, C; Maspoch, D
Nat. Chem. 10, 78-84 (2018)  

Sol-Gel Group


Papers: 1

Mean Impact Factor: 13,325

1. Novel Reversible Humidity-Responsive Light Transmission Hybrid Thin-Film Material Based on a Dispersive Porous Structure with Embedded Hygroscopic and Deliquescent Substances
Castellon, E; Zayat, M; Levy, D
Adv. Funct. Mater. 28, - (2018)  




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