Senior Scientist

Theory of Quantum Materials and Solid State Quantum Technologies

I am an expert in Condensed Matter Theory with more than 20 years of experience. My research revolves around Quantum Materials with applications in Quantum Technologies. During my career, I have always tried to produce theoretical work relevant for high-profile experimental papers. During the last years, I have focused my research on topological materials and, in particular, on various aspects of hybrid superconductor-semiconductor nanostructures which behave as topological superconductors with Majorana quasiparticles. Qubits based on them hold promise for a robust form of quantum computing dubbed topological. In this field, our group has become an international reference with many impactful works and active collaborations with top-leading experimental groups worldwide including Qutech Delft, IST Austria, CEA Grenoble, Pittsburgh Quantum Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaing and Niels Bohr Institute Copenhagen. We recently have extended these activities to study qubits in other hybrid materials combinations, including van der Waals heterostructures and novel qubits based on Andreev levels. The high visibility of my research has resulted in important invitations to write reviews and popular articles, see e.g.

I have published more than 100 research articles, around 25% of them in high impact journals (Nature, Science, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Reviews Physics, Physical Review X, Physical Review Letters, etc). I am a top scientist: among the most cited 100.000 scientists in all disciplines worldwide, among the most cited 1% in Applied Physics worldwide, and among the 2% most cited scientists in all disciplines working in Spain (>100.000).

I am a very active member of the scientific community and have participated in many evaluation panels. In 2016, I became an Outstanding Referee of the American Physical Society. Moreover, I am strongly involved in outreach: talks in schools, mass media appearances, popular writing (e. g. various contributions in the Spanish version of Scientific American), etc.

I coordinate the Quantum Materials and Quantum Technologies ICMM research subline and since 2020 serve as Vicepresident of the Spanish Condensed Matter Physics Division.