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List of Papers 2020 by Impact Factor

Documento sin título (as of October 19, 2020)


The papers are ordered by Research Group and impact factor (Journal Citation Reports 2019). Papers with the same impact factor are ordered alphabetically.


1. Nanomechanical mapping of soft materials with the atomic force microscope: methods, theory and applications

Garcia, R
CHEMICAL SOCIETY REVIEWS 49 , 5850 - 5884 (2020)  

2. Layer-controlled single-crystalline graphene film with stacking order via Cu–Si alloy formation

Nguyen V.L., Duong D.L., Lee S.H., Avila J., Han G., Kim Y.-M., Asensio M.C., Jeong S.-Y., Lee Y.H.
Nature Nanotechnology , - (2020)  

3. Strain creates a trion factory

Frisenda R., Castellanos-Gomez A.
Nature Photonics 14 , 269 - 270 (2020)  

4. Opportunities and challenges for spintronics in the microelectronics industry

Dieny B., Prejbeanu I.L., Garello K., Gambardella P., Freitas P., Lehndorff R., Raberg W., Ebels U., Demokritov S.O., Akerman J., Deac A., Pirro P., Adelmann C., Anane A., Chumak A.V., Hirohata A., Mangin S., Valenzuela S.O., Onba?l? M.C., d’Aquino M., Prenat G., Finocchio G., Lopez-Diaz L., Chantrell R., Chubykalo-Fesenko O., Bortolotti P.
Nature Electronics 3 , 446 - 459 (2020)  

5. Piezoelectricity in Monolayer Hexagonal Boron Nitride

Ares P., Cea T., Holwill M., Wang Y.B., Roldán R., Guinea F., Andreeva D.V., Fumagalli L., Novoselov K.S., Woods C.R.
Advanced Materials 32 , - (2020)  

6. A strain tunable single-layer MoS2 photodetector

Gant P., Huang P., de Lara D.P., Guo D., Frisenda R., Castellanos-Gomez, A.
Materials Today 27 , 8 - 13 (2020)  

7. Recent Advances in Perovskite-Type Oxides for Energy Conversion and Storage Applications

Sun C., Alonso J.A., Bian J.
Advanced Energy Materials , - (2020)  

8. Women Scientists at the Forefront of Energy Research: A Virtual Issue, Part 2

Biegel C.M., Kamat P.V., Buriak J.M., Meng S., Dempsey J., Shustova N.B., Cuenya B.R., Karunadasa H., Wong L.H., Lee Tang M., Vaisman M., Plochocka P., Viswanatha R., Rao R.R., Hatzell K.B., Grancini G., Lotsch B., Greenaway A., García-Frutos E.M., Leite M., Huang L., Chen L.X., Bren K.L., Escudero-Escribano M.
ACS Energy Letters , 623 - 633 (2020)  

9. Magnetic nanostructures for emerging biomedical applications

Peixoto L., Magalhães R., Navas D., Moraes S., Redondo C., Morales R., Araújo J.P., Sousa C.T.
Applied Physics Reviews 7 , 10.1063/1.5121702 - (2020)  

10. InSe Schottky Diodes Based on Van Der Waals Contacts

Zhao, QH; Jie, WQ; Wang, T; Castellanos-Gomez, A; Frisenda, R

11. Photoferroelectric Thin Films for Flexible Systems by a Three-in-One Solution-Based Approach

Bretos I., Jiménez R., Ricote J., Sirera R., Calzada M.L.
Advanced Functional Materials , - (2020)  

12. Tuning Memristivity by Varying the Oxygen Content in a Mixed Ionic–Electronic Conductor

Maas K., Villepreux E., Cooper D., Salas-Colera E., Rubio-Zuazo J., Castro G.R., Renault O., Jimenez C., Roussel H., Mescot X., Rafhay Q., Boudard M., Burriel M.
Advanced Functional Materials , - (2020)  

13. Unveiling the Correlation between the Crystalline Structure of M-Filled CoSb3 (M = Y, K, Sr) Skutterudites and Their Thermoelectric Transport Properties

Gainza J., Serrano-Sánchez F., Rodrigues J.E., Prado-Gonjal J., Nemes N.M., Biskup N., Dura O.J., Martínez J.L., Fauth F., Alonso J.A.
Advanced Functional Materials , - (2020)  

14. Revealing the origin of the beneficial effect of cesium in highly efficient Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells

Schöppe P., Schönherr S., Chugh M., Mirhosseini H., Jackson P., Wuerz R., Ritzer M., Johannes A., Martínez-Criado G., Wisniewski W., Schwarz T., Plass C.T., Hafermann M., Kühne T.D., Schnohr C.S., Ronning C.
Nano Energy 71 , - (2020)  

15. Giant Piezoresistive Effect and Strong Bandgap Tunability in Ultrathin InSe upon Biaxial Strain

Zhao Q., Wang T., Frisenda R., Castellanos-Gomez A.
Advanced Science , - (2020)  

16. Revival of Zeolite-Templated Nanocarbon Materials: Recent Advances in Energy Storage and Conversion

Miao J., Lang Z., Xue T., Li Y., Li Y., Cheng J., Zhang H., Tang Z.
Advanced Science , - (2020)  

17. Fundamental Insights into Photoelectrocatalytic Hydrogen Production with a Hole-Transport Bismuth Metal-Organic Framework

García-Sánchez A., Gomez-Mendoza M., Barawi M., Villar-Garcia I.J., Liras M., Gándara F., De La Peña O'Shea V.A.
Journal of the American Chemical Society , 416 - 419 (2020)  

18. Untangling the Mechanochromic Properties of Benzothiadiazole-Based Luminescent Polymorphs through Supramolecular Organic Framework Topology

Echeverri M., Ruiz C., Gámez-Valenzuela S., Martín I., Ruiz Delgado M.C., Gutiérrez-Puebla E., Monge M.A., Aguirre-Díaz L.M., Gómez-Lor B.
Journal of the American Chemical Society 59 , 11283 - 11286 (2020)  

19. Exotic Transverse-Vortex Magnetic Configurations in CoNi Nanowires

Andersen I.M., Rodríguez L.A., Bran C., Marcelot C., Joulie S., Hungria T., Vazquez M., Gatel C., Snoeck E.
ACS Nano 14 , 1399 - 1405 (2020)  

20. Transformation Cycle of Magnetosomes in Human Stem Cells: From Degradation to Biosynthesis of Magnetic Nanoparticles Anew

Curcio A., Van De Walle A., Serrano A., Preveral S., Péchoux C., Pignol D., Menguy N., Lefevre C.T., Espinosa A., Wilhelm C.
ACS Nano , 1267 - 1270 (2020)  

21. Ultralong Spin Lifetime in Light Alkali Atom Doped Graphene

Márkus B.G., Szirmai P., Edelthalhammer K.F., Eckerlein P., Hirsch A., Hauke F., Nemes N.M., Chacón-Torres J.C., Náfrádi B., Forró L., Pichler T., Simon F.
ACS nano 14 , 7492 - 7501 (2020)  

22. IDM-1: A Zeolite with Intersecting Medium and Extra-Large Pores Built as an Expansion of Zeolite MFI

Villaescusa, LA; Li, J; Gao, ZH; Sun, JL; Camblor, MA

23. On?Surface Driven Formal Michael Addition Produces m?Polyaniline Oligomers on Pt(111)

Martin-Gago J.A., Ruiz del Árbol N., Sánchez-Sánchez C., Otero-Irurueta G., Martínez J.I., de Andrés P.L., Gómez-Herrero A.C., Merino P., Piantek M., Serrate D., Lacovig P., Lizzit S., Alemán J., Ellis G.J. López M.F.

24. Standard Practices of Reticular Chemistry

Gropp C., Canossa S., Wuttke S., Gándara F., Li Q., Gagliardi L., Yaghi O.M.
ACS Central Science , - (2020)  

25. The role of traps in the photocurrent generation mechanism in thin InSe photodetectors

Zhao Q., Wang W., Carrascoso-Plana F., Jie W., Wang T., Castellanos-Gomez A., Frisenda R.
Materials Horizons 7 , - (2020)  

26. Hot electrons in a nanowire hard X-ray detector

Zapf M., Ritzer M., Liborius L., Johannes A., Hafermann M., Schönherr S., Segura-Ruiz J., Martínez-Criado G., Prost W., Ronning C.
Nature Communications 11 , 4729 - (2020)  

27. Large-area epitaxial growth of curvature-stabilized ABC trilayer graphene

Gao Z., Wang S., Berry J., Zhang Q., Gebhardt J., Parkin W.M., Avila J., Yi H., Chen C., Hurtado-Parra S., Drndi? M., Rappe A.M., Srolovitz D.J., Kikkawa J.M., Luo Z., Asensio M.C., Wang F., Johnson A.T.C.
Nature Communications 11 , - (2020)  

28. Prevalence of non-aromatic carbonaceous molecules in the inner regions of circumstellar envelopes

Martínez L., Santoro G., Merino P., Accolla M., Lauwaet K., Sobrado J., Sabbah H., Pelaez R.J., Herrero V.J., Tanarro I., Agúndez M., Martín-Jimenez A., Otero R., Ellis G.J., Joblin C., Cernicharo J., Martín-Gago J.A.
Nature Astronomy 4 , 544 - 553 (2020)  

29. Bottom Effect in Atomic Force Microscopy Nanomechanics

Chiodini S., Ruiz-Rincón S., Garcia P.D., Martin S., Kettelhoit K., Armenia I., Werz D.B., Cea P.
Small , - (2020)  

30. Vacancies in Self-Assembled Crystals: An Archetype for Clusters Statistics at the Nanoscale

Pariente J.A., Caselli N., Pecharromán C., Blanco A., López C.
Small , - (2020)  

31. Bandgap-adjustment and enhanced surface photovoltage in Y-substituted (LaTaO2N)-O-IV (vol 8, pg 11837, 2020)

Bubeck, C; Widenmeyer, M; De Denko, AT; Richter, G; Coduri, M; Colera, ES; Goering, E; Zhang, HB; Yoon, S; Osterloh, FE; Weidenkaff, A
JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A 8 , 13393 - 13393 (2020)  

32. From theory to experiment: BaFe0.125Co0.125Zr0.75O3??, a highly promising cathode for intermediate temperature SOFCs

Sánchez-Ahijón E., Marín-Gamero R., Molero-Sánchez B., Ávila-Brande D., Manjón-Sanz A., Fernández-Díaz M.T., Morán E., Schmidt R., Prado-Gonjal J.
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 8 , 3413 - 3420 (2020)  

33. Interfacial stability and ionic conductivity enhanced by dopant segregation in eutectic ceramics: The role of Gd segregation in doped CeO2/CoO and CeO2/NiO interfaces

Orera A., Wang F., Ferreiro-Vila E., Serrano-Zabaleta S., Larrañaga A., Laguna-Bercero M.A., Dickey E.C., Rivadulla F., Muñoz M.C., Larrea A.
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 8 , 2591 - 2601 (2020)  

34. Thermoelectric properties of n-type half-Heusler NbCoSn with heavy-element Pt substitution

Serrano-Sanchez, F; Luo, T; Yu, JJ; Xie, WJ; Le, CC; Auffermann, G; Weidenkaff, A; Zhu, TJ; Zhao, XB; Alonso, JA; Gault, B; Felser, C; Fu, CG
JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A 8 , 14822 - 14828 (2020)  

35. Microheater Actuators as a Versatile Platform for Strain Engineering in 2D Materials

Ryu Y.K., Carrascoso F., López-Nebreda R., Agraït N., Frisenda R., Castellanos-Gomez A.
Nano letters 20 , 5339 - 5345 (2020)  

36. Nano-photocurrent Mapping of Local Electronic Structure in Twisted Bilayer Graphene

Sunku S.S., Mcleod A.S., Stauber T., Yoo H., Halbertal D., Ni G., Sternbach A., Jiang B.-Y., Taniguchi T., Watanabe K., Kim P., Fogler M.M., Basov D.N.
Nano Letters , - (2020)  

37. One-Dimensional Moiré Superlattices and Flat Bands in Collapsed Chiral Carbon Nanotubes

Arroyo-Gascón O., Fernández-Perea R., Suárez Morell E., Cabrillo C., Chico L.
Nano letters , - (2020)  

38. Symmetry Breakdown in Franckeite: Spontaneous Strain, Rippling, and Interlayer Moiré

Frisenda R., Sanchez-Santolino G., Papadopoulos N., Urban J., Baranowski M., Surrente A., Maude D.K., Garcia-Hernandez M., van der Zant H.S.J., Plochocka P., San-Jose P., Castellanos-Gomez A.
Nano letters 20 , 1141 - 1147 (2020)  

39. Kerker-Type Intensity-Gradient Force of Light

Xu X., Nieto-Vesperinas M., Qiu C.-W., Liu X., Gao D., Zhang Y., Li B.
Laser & Photonics Reviews , - (2020)  

40. Continuous production of magnetic iron oxide nanocrystals by oxidative precipitation

Asimakidou T., Makridis A., Veintemillas-Verdaguer S., Morales M.P., Kellartzis I., Mitrakas M., Vourlias G., Angelakeris M., Simeonidis K.
Chemical Engineering Journal 393 , - (2020)  

41. Strong effect of light scattering by distribution of TiO2 particle aggregates on photocatalytic efficiency in aqueous suspensions

Tolosana-Moranchel A., Pecharromán C., Faraldos M., Bahamonde A.
Chemical Engineering Journal 403 , 126186 - (2020)  

42. Atmospheric Plasma-Enhanced Spatial Chemical Vapor Deposition of SiO2Using Trivinylmethoxysilane and Oxygen Plasma

Nguyen V.H., Sekkat A., Masse De La Huerta C.A., Zoubian F., Crivello C., Rubio-Zuazo J., Rubio-Zuazo J., Jaffal M., Bonvalot M., Vallée C., Aubry O., Rabat H., Hong D., Muñoz-Rojas D.
Chemistry of Materials 32 , 5153 - 5161 (2020)  

43. Green-, Red-, and Near-Infrared-Emitting Polymer Dot Probes for Simultaneous Multicolor Cell Imaging with a Single Excitation Wavelength

Jeong, JE; Uddin, MA; Ryu, HS; Kim, HC; Kang, M; Joung, JF; Park, S; Shim, SH; Woo, HY
CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS 32 , 6685 - 6696 (2020)  

44. Quantitative determination of atomic buckling of silicene by atomic force microscopy

Pawlak R., Drechsel C., D’Astolfo P., Kisiel M., Meyer E., Cerda J.I.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 117 , - (2020)  

45. Tuning ferromagnetism at room temperature by visible light

Nafradi, B; Szirmai, P; Spina, M; Pisoni, A; Mettan, X; Nemes, NM; Forro, L; Horvath, E

46. Near infrared-light responsive WS2 microengines with high-performance electro- and photo-catalytic activities

de la Asuncion-Nadal, V; Jurado-Sanchez, B; Vazquez, L; Escarpa, A
CHEMICAL SCIENCE , 11 - 140 (2020)  

47. Remarkably efficient removal of toxic bromate from drinking water with a porphyrin-viologen covalent organic framework

Skorjanc T., Shetty D., Gándara F., Ali L., Raya J., Das G., Olson M.A., Trabolsi A.
Chemical Science 11 , - (2020)  

48. Bandgap engineering of two-dimensional semiconductor materials

Chaves A., Azadani J.G., Alsalman H., da Costa D.R., Frisenda R., Chaves A.J., Song S.H., Kim Y.D., He D., Zhou J., Castellanos-Gomez A., Peeters F.M., Liu Z., Hinkle C.L., Oh S.-H., Ye P.D., Koester S.J., Lee Y.H., Avouris P., Wang X., Low T.
npj 2D Materials and Applications 4 , 29 - (2020)  

49. Electronic and magnetic properties of pentagonal nanoribbons

Correa J.D., Pacheco M., Bravo S., Chico L.
Carbon 162 , 209 - 219 (2020)  

50. In-situ study of the carbon gasification reaction of highly oriented pyrolytic graphite promoted by cobalt oxides and the novel nanostructures appeared after reaction

Morales C., Díaz-Fernández D., Prieto P., Lu Y.H., Kersell H., del Campo A., Escudero C., Pérez-Dieste V., Ashby P., Méndez J., Soriano L.
Carbon 158 , 588 - 597 (2020)  

51. Spin-polarized currents in corrugated graphene nanoribbons

Santos H., Latgé A., Brey L., Chico L.
Carbon 168 , 1 - 11 (2020)  

52. 3D Reduced Graphene Oxide Scaffolds with a Combinatorial Fibrous-Porous Architecture for Neural Tissue Engineering

Girão A.F., Sousa J., Domínguez-Bajo A., González-Mayorga A., Bdikin I., Pujades-Otero E., Casañ-Pastor N., Hortigüela M.J., Otero-Irurueta G., Completo A., Serrano M.C., Marques P.A.A.P.
ACS applied materials & interfaces 12 , 38962 - 38975 (2020)  

53. Aqueous-Eutectic-in-Salt Electrolytes for High-Energy-Density Supercapacitors with an Operational Temperature Window of 100 °c, from-35 to +65 °c

Lu X., Jiménez-Riobóo R.J., Leech D., Gutiérrez M.C., Ferrer M.L., Del Monte F.
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 12 , 29181 - 29193 (2020)  

54. Chemical Functionalization of the Zinc Selenide Surface and Its Impact on Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG Biofilms

Yunda E., Alem H., Francius G., Gago R., Quilès F.
ACS applied materials & interfaces 12 , 14933 - 14945 (2020)  

55. Combined Magnetoliposome Formation and Drug Loading in One Step for Efficient Alternating Current-Magnetic Field Remote-Controlled Drug Release

Brollo M.E.F., Domínguez-Bajo A., Tabero A., Domínguez-Arca V., Gisbert V., Prieto G., Johansson C., Garcia R., Villanueva A., Serrano M.C., Morales M.D.P.
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces , - (2020)  

56. Double Beneficial Role of Fluorinated Fullerene Dopants on Organic Thin-Film Transistors: Structural Stability and Improved Performance

Babuji A., Temiño I., Pérez-Rodríguez A., Solomeshch O., Tessler N., Vila M., Li J., Mas-Torrent M., Ocal C., Barrena E.
ACS applied materials & interfaces 12 , 28416 - 28425 (2020)  

57. Effect of Band Symmetry on Photocurrent Production in Quasi-One-Dimensional Transition-Metal Trichalcogenides

Gilbert S.J., Yi H., Chen J.-S., Yost A.J., Dhingra A., Abourahma J., Lipatov A., Avila J., Komesu T., Sinitskii A., Asensio M.C., Dowben P.A.
ACS applied materials & interfaces 12 , 40525 - 40531 (2020)  

58. Effective Approach toward Conjugated Porous Organic Frameworks Based on Phenanthrene Building Blocks: Metal-Free Heterogeneous Photocatalysts

Monterde C., Pintado-Sierra M., Navarro R., Sánchez F., Iglesias M.
ACS applied materials & interfaces 12 , 15108 - 15114 (2020)  

59. Enhanced Nonlinear Optical Coefficients of MAPbI3 Thin Films by Bismuth Doping

Redondo-Obispo C., Suárez I., Quesada S.J., Ripolles T.S., Martínez-Pastor J.P., Álvarez A.L., De Andrés A., Coya C.
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces , 2188 - 2194 (2020)  

60. Improved Graphene Blisters by Ultrahigh Pressure Sealing

Manzanares-Negro Y., Ares P., Jaafar M., López-Polín G., Gómez-Navarro C and Gómez-Herrero J.
ACS applied materials & interfaces 12, 33, 37750–37756  

61. Intrinsic Mixed Bloch–Néel Character and Chirality of Skyrmions in Asymmetric Epitaxial Trilayers

P. Olleros-Rodríguez, R. Guerrero, J. Camarero, O. Chubykalo-Fesenko, P. Perna
ACS applied materials & interfaces 22 , 25419 - 25427 (2020)  

62. Iron Phthalocyanine-Knitted Polymers as Electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction

Valverde-Gonzalez A., Li Zhi Guan, Ferrer M.L., Iglesias M. and Maya E.M.
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 12, 32681-32688 (2020)  

63. Macroscopic Versus Microscopic Schottky Barrier Determination at (Au/Pt)/Ge(100): Interfacial Local Modulation

Gerbi A., Buzio R., González C., Manca N., Marrè D., Marras S., Prato M., Bell L., Di Matteo S., Flores F., de Andres P.L.
ACS applied materials & interfaces 12 , 28894 - 28902 (2020)  

64. Stimuli-Responsive Benzothiadiazole Derivative as a Dopant for Rewritable Polymer Blends

Echeverri M., Ruiz C.,Gámez-Valenzuela S., Alonso-Navarro M., Gutierrez-Puebla E., Serrano J.L., Ruiz Delgado M. C., Gómez-Lor B.
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12 , 10929 - 10937 (2020)  

65. Chiral Plasmons with Twisted Atomic Bilayers

Lin, X ; Liu, ZF ; Stauber, T ; Gomez-Santos, G ; Gao, F ; Chen, HS ; Zhang, BL ; Low, T

66. Extraordinary Multipole Modes and Ultra-Enhanced Optical Lateral Force by Chirality

Zhu, TT; Shi, YZ; Ding, WQ; Tsai, DP; Cao, T; Liu, AQ; Nieto-Vesperinas, M; Saenz, JJ; Wu, PC; Qiu, CW
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 125 , 43901 - (2020)  

67. Marginal Fermi Liquid in Twisted Bilayer Graphene

González J., Stauber T.
Physical Review Letters 124 , 186801 - (2020)  

68. Momentum-Topology-Induced Optical Pulling Force

Li, H; Cao, YY; Shi, BJ; Zhu, TT; Geng, Y; Feng, R; Wang, L; Sun, FK; Shi, YZ; Miri, MA; Nieto-Vesperinas, M; Qiu, CW; Ding, WQ

69. Nonlocal Quantum Effects in Plasmons of Graphene Superlattices

Brey, L; Stauber, T; Martin-Moreno, L; Gomez-Santos, G
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 124 , 257401 - (2020)  

70. Heterogeneous catalysts with programmable topologies generated by reticulation of organocatalysts into metal-organic frameworks: The case of squaramide

Broto-Ribas A., Vignatti C., Jimenez-Almarza A., Luis-Barrera J., Dolatkhah Z., Gándara F., Imaz I., Mas-Ballesté R., Alemán J., Maspoch D.
Nano Research , - (2020)  

71. Highly efficient multi-metal catalysts for carbon dioxide reduction prepared from atomically sequenced metal organic frameworks

Castillo-Blas C., Álvarez-Galván C., Puente-Orench I., García-Sánchez A., Oropeza F.E., Gutiérrez-Puebla E., Monge Á., de la Peña-O’Shea V.A., Gándara F.
Nano Research , - (2020)  

72. Aqueous Co-Solvent in Zwitterionic-based Protic Ionic Liquids as Electrolytes in 2.0 V Supercapacitors

Lu X., Vicent-Luna J.M., Calero S., Roldán-Ruiz M.J., Jiménez R., Ferrer M.L., Gutiérrez M.C., del Monte F.
ChemSusChem , - (2020)  

73. Effects of Li Confined Motion on NMR Quadrupolar Interactions: A Combined Li-7 NMR and DFT-MD Study of LiR2(PO4)(3) (R=Ti or Zr) Phases

Diez-Gomez, V; de Andres, PL; Sanz, J
CHEMSUSCHEM , - (2020)  

74. Influence of Surface Compositions on the Reactivity of Pyrite toward Aqueous U(VI)

Ma B., Fernandez-Martinez A., Kang M., Wang K., Lewis A.R., Maffeis T.G.G., Findling N., Salas-Colera E., Tisserand D., Bureau S., Charlet L.
Environmental science & technology 54 , 8104 - 8114 (2020)  

75. Further Extending the Dilution Range of the "Solvent-in-DES" Regime upon the Replacement of Water by an Organic Solvent with Hydrogen Bond Capabilities

Lopez-Salas, N; Vicent-Luna, JM; Posada, E; Imberti, S; Madero-Castro, RM; Calero, S; Ania, CO; Jimenez-Rioboo, RJ; Gutierrez, MC; Ferrer, ML; del Monte, F

76. Highly Efficient p-Toluenesulfonic Acid-Based Deep-Eutectic Solvents for Cathode Recycling of Li-Ion Batteries

Roldan-Ruiz, MJ; Ferrer, ML; Gutierrez, MC; del Monte, F

77. Large area metasurfaces made with spherical silicon resonators

Molet P., Gil-Herrera L.K., Garcia-Pomar J.L., Caselli N., Blanco Á., López C., Mihi A.
Nanophotonics , - (2020)  

78. Contribution of resonance energy transfer to the luminescence quenching of upconversion nanoparticles with graphene oxide

Mendez-Gonzalez D., Calderón O.G., Melle S., González-Izquierdo J., Bañares L., López-Díaz D., Velázquez M.M., López-Cabarcos E., Rubio-Retama J., Laurenti M.
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 575 , 119 - 129 (2020)  

79. Imbibition and dewetting of silica colloidal crystals: An NMR relaxometry study

Gallego-Gómez F., Cadar C., López C., Ardelean I.
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 561 , 741 - 748 (2020)  

80. Nanotechnology Responses to COVID-19

Ruiz-Hitzky E., Darder M., Wicklein B., Ruiz-Garcia C., Martín-Sampedro R., del Real G., Aranda P.
Advanced Healthcare Materials , - (2020)  

81. Silicon substituted hydroxyapatite/VEGF scaffolds stimulate bone regeneration in osteoporotic sheep

Casarrubios L., Gómez-Cerezo N., Sánchez-Salcedo S., Feito M.J., Serrano M.C., Saiz-Pardo M., Ortega L., de Pablo D., Díaz-Güemes I., Fernández-Tomé B., Enciso S., Sánchez-Margallo F.M., Portolés M.T., Arcos D., Vallet-Regí M.
Acta Biomaterialia 101 , - (2020)  

82. Effect of porous organic polymers in gas separation properties of polycarbonate based mixed matrix membranes

Rodríguez-Jardón L., López-González M., Iglesias M., Maya E.M.
Journal of Membrane Science 619 , 118795 - (2020)  

83. A system for the deterministic transfer of 2D materials under inert environmental conditions

Gant, P; Carrascoso, F; Zhao, QH; Ryu, YK; Seitz, M; Prins, F; Frisenda, R; Castellanos-Gomez, A
2D MATERIALS 7 , - (2020)  

84. Multi-terminal electronic transport in boron nitride encapsulated TiS3 nanosheets

Papadopoulos, N; Flores, E; Watanabe, K; Taniguchi, T; Ares, JR; Sanchez, C; Ferrer, IJ; Castellanos-Gomez, A; Steele, GA; van der Zant, HSJ
2D MATERIALS , 7 - (2020)  

85. Production and processing of graphene and related materials

Backes, C; Abdelkader, AM; Alonso, C; Andrieux-Ledier, A; Arenal, R; Azpeitia, J; Balakrishnan, N; y otros
2D MATERIALS 7 , - (2020)  

86. A 2D tungsten disulphide/diamond nanoparticles hybrid for an electrochemical sensor development towards the simultaneous determination of sunset yellow and quinoline yellow

Blanco E., Hristova L., Martínez-Moro R., Vázquez L., Ellis G.J., Sánchez L., del Pozo M., Petit-Domínguez M.D., Casero E., Quintana C.
Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical 324 , 128731 - (2020)  

87. A probe of the radiation field magnetic component based on octahedral Yb3+in the CaNbGa garnet-CNGG-single crystal

Álvarez-Pérez J.O., Cano-Torres J.M., Serrano M.D., Cascales C., Zaldo C.
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 23 , 7882 - 7889 (2020)  

88. Cunning defects: Emission control by structural point defects on Cu(i)I double chain coordination polymers

Conesa-Egea J., González-Platas J., Rodríguez-Mendoza U.R., Martínez J.I., Pilar O., Fernández-Moreira V., Costa R.D., Fernández-Cestau J., Zamora F., Amo-Ochoa P.
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 8 , 1448 - 1458 (2020)  

89. Experimental corroboration of the thermoelectric performance of Bi2PdO4oxide and Pb-doped derivatives

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