Horizon Europe

The International Projects Office has two principal lines of action. The main action is focused on promoting participation in European projects from the Horizon Europe Framework Programme, and also to encourage participation in international projects, either those funded by the CSIC (i-COOP, i-LINK, etc.) or by international organizations.

The functions of this office are to support the researchers throughout the life cycle of the project, both at the level of proposal preparation (“pre-award”) and during project development (“post-award”). 

To this end, several activities are being carried out:

1. Provide information to researchers on the different international calls available, the possibilities, and requirements for participation, always seeking alignment with the institute's lines of research.

2. Provide technical support during the project application process, for example, in the preparation of the proposal, preparation of the budget, formation of the consortium, and the completion of the administrative part.

3. Provide support in the administrative management of international projects awarded.

4. Carry out the financial justification of the projects.

5. Publish job offers on Euraxess with the intention of attracting international talent and complying with the mandate of transparency in the recruitment of research staff.

The people involved in this office are:

 Belén Illana is responsible for the office. She is in charge of the pre-award phase.

    email and telephone: +34 17166565 (Extension 437188)

 Lucrecia Terán is involved in the financial justification of the European projects.

     email and telephone: +34 17166019 (Extension 437195)

If you want to publish your job offers on Euraxess please contact here.