AI-lab is increasingly used in all areas of society and technology. In particular, materials science is a field where the power of this new technology has been demonstrated in the design of materials and processing optimization assisted by machine learning techniques and neural networks.

The objective of our AI-Lab is three-fold. First, enabling an internal roadmap that can steer research efforts by identifying the frontiers of the science developed at ICMM. Second, addressing specific problems of the community by joining efforts of computing, data collection, synthesis and characterization. Finally, fabricating new materials that could be included in optical and electronic integrated circuits can be used to embody artificial neurons and synapses and operate as artificial neural networks. 

At ICMM we aim to play a leading role along these lines. Currently, about half of the research groups of the ICMM have join this initiative.  Currently it is addressing the following topics: 1- Novel Platforms and Nano-Devices for Quantum Computation, 2- AI for complex electrical impedance spectra at resonance analysis, 3- Engineer coupling methods to build synapses and neural networks, 4- methods to facilitate measurement and processing of SPM images as well as spectroscopic spectra 5- prediction of composition and properties for optimized synthesis of materials, including zeolites, electrodes or MOFs.

Coordinator:  Eduardo Hernández (Click here to show mail address)
More information soon.