The Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid (ICMM) is an institute of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC) (Spanish National Research Council) founded in December 1986, that belongs to the Area of Science and Technology of Materials, one of the eight Areas in which the CSIC divides its research activities.


Our mission is to create new fundamental and applied knowledge in materials of high technological impact, their processing and their transfer to the productive sectors at local, national and European scales (the true value of materials is in their use), the training of new professionals, and the dissemination of the scientific knowledge.



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Curso: Espectroscopías de Fotoelectrones y Electrones Auger (XPS y AES)
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Course: Emergence of Quantum Phases in Novel Materials
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Mención de Honor al trabajo: “Nanocosmos en la revista Astronomía", de Natalia Ruiz del ICMM.

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Artículo de J. Cernicharo, J. A. Martín-Gago y C. Joblin sobre el proyecto Nanocosmos

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Monomolecular Skeletal Isomerization of 1-Butene over Selective Zeolite Catalysts

M. A. Camblor et al

The mechanism of the 1-butene skeletal isomerization catalyzed by zeolites has remained elusive. We present direct evidence that even the initial isobutene formation over H-ferrierite, the best-known isomerization catalyst, is monomolecular in nature, whereas a bimolecular pathway is significant over the unselective H-ZSM-5. We also report that medium-pore high-silica H-HPM-1 outperforms H-ferrierite in selectively forming isobutene. This new catalyst displays a high activity and selectivity from the onset of the reaction, as well as an excellent resistance to deactivation, thanks to its anomalously weak acidity and low acid site density, together with an ability to effectively isolate reactant molecules from one another.

ACS Catalysis

Equilibrium positions of 1-butene molecules within (a) STW (4 molecules per unit cell with 60 Si atoms) and (b) MFI (7 molecules per unit cell with 96 Si atoms) structures determined using simulated annealing. Red and white balls and purple and blue

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