Optical Spectroscopies Lab

Responsible:   Alicia de Andrés 

Laboratories 033 y 035, ground flor ICMM, Tel: 91 334 90 00 ext. 035 and 91 334 90 16

Involved personnel:


Esteban Climent (Post-doc)- in charge of the micro- Raman and PL techniques
Félix Jiménez Villacorta (Post-doc)
Leo Álvarez (PhD student)


Xavier Déz-Betriu 

Susana Álvarez
Ana Espinosa de los Monteros
Javier Sánchez Benítez
Laura Martín Carrón
Susana Taboada

Raman and Photoluminescence micro-spectroscopies and imaging

Temperature range: 10K to 500 K  Hydrostatic Pressure at room temperature: up to 100 kbar



Time resolved spectroscopies





 A pulsed laser (5 nsec) from EKSPLA provides the excitation light in the spectral range from UV (210 nm) to NIR (2300 nm). The scattered light is collected in with a Jobin-Yvon monochromator using a 1200 groves/mm grating for high spectral resolution or one with 150 groves/mm for high sensitivity. The detector is an ultra-fast intensified CCD camera (ICCD) which allows obtaining the whole spectral range (around 200 nm for the 150 gr/mm grating) as a function of the delay time from the laser excitation. Processes from 5 nsec up to seconds can be monitored. 

 The samples can be placed in an Oxford He flux cryostat (10 o 300 K) or in a high vacuum furnace (RT to 500ºC)