"Boron Nitride Nanomesh"

Dr Martina Corso. Donostia Internetional Physics Centre (DIPC) (Spain)

Image Description:
Atomically resolved STM image (I=0.1 nA, V=-5 mV, 10x10 nm^2) of the hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) "nanomesh" on the rhodium (111) surface. This highly regular hexagonal structure with periodicity of 3.2 nm and with the apearance of mesh pores of about 2 nm in diameter, results from the decomposition of borazine (HBNH)_3 precursor molecules on the hot (1070 K) rhodium surface. The "nanomesh" is a single and complete h-BN layer where the pores are the regions where the layer binds strongly to the substrate, while the network of mesh wires is formed by the regions where the layer is not bonded to the substrate, resulting in a corrugation of 0.55 Ã? in the layer. The lattice mismatch and the interaction with the substrate are the main responsible for the formation of this self-assembled nanostructure with almost 400 atoms per unit cell. It is stable against air exposure and immersion in water and electrolyte solution and can be used as template for selective molecular adsorption.


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