"Pattern of Polypyrrole Rings"

Mr DAVID CABALLERO. Laboratori de NanoBioEnginyeria (IBEC)-CIBER, Parc Científic de Barcelona and Universitat de Barcelona (Spain)

Image Description:
Conducting polymers are of great importance due to their interesting properties compared with other kind of microfabrication materials which make them very useful for electronics-based applications. One example of these polymers is polypyrrole (Ppy). The image presented reflects the growth of 2.5 um diameter polypyrrole rings by stamping an alkylthiol over a functionalized gold electrode surface using submerged microcontact printing technique (SuCP) defining a pattern, prior to the electrochemical growth of the polypyrrole (electropolymerisation). The height of all the Ppy rings is around 400 nm. With this technique we are able to have full control of the position, shape and size of the Ppy. The SuCP is used to define a pattern of a thiol monolayer which acts as passivation, between which the pyrrole solution is deposited, confining the electrochemical growth of Ppy to the areas coated with the thiol monolayer. Using different stamps for SuCP it would be able the mass production of ci


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