"A molecular hauler"

Dr Leo Gross. IBM Research (Switzerland)

Image Description:
Three-dimensional representation of a STM measurement (size: 12 nm x 9 nm, scanning parameters: U = 0.1 V, I = 100 pA, T = 7 K). The central part of the image shows a molecule-metal complex, precisely a hexa-tert-butyl-hexaphenylbenzene-Cu2 complex. The two copper atoms have been trapped with the molecule by means of STM manipulations, i.e. by sliding the molecule over single Cu adatoms. The six tert-butyl groups of the molecule give rise to the six visible bumps in the molecular image, while the apparent height of the central molecular part is determined by the number of trapped Cu atoms. Up to a total of six copper atoms can be trapped, moved, and released with one molecule. A few individual copper adatoms can be seen in the foreground of the image. Furthermore, standing wave patterns due to the Shockley surface state of the Cu(111) surface are visible. The standing wave patterns result from scattering of surface state electrons at molecules and adatoms.


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