"MoS2 nanoclusters on a Au(111) surface"

Mr Jakob Kibsgaard. University of Aarhus (Denmark)

Image Description:
MoS2 nanoclusters are used as a catalyst in the petrochemical industry for hydrotreating of crude oil to upgrade the feedstock and remove unwanted impurities such as sulfur. Without removal of sulfur the burning of the oil would lead to major environmental problems e.g. acid rain. The MoS2-based hydrotreating catalyst thus constitute one of the most important catalysts and has been used for decades, but only just recently, with the aid of STM, it was possible for the first time to reveal the atomic structure of the nanoclusters. The image is an atom-resolved STM image (7nm Ã? 7nm) showing two triangular MoS2 nanoclusters on a Au(111) support. The highly resolved atoms on both the clusters and the Au support clearly demonstrated the power of STM to obtain detailed local information on an atomic level.


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