"Supported icosahedral nanocrystals"

Mr Fabien Silly. University of Oxford (United Kingdom)

Image Description:
3D representation of an STM image showing fivefold symmetry silver nanocrystals. The Ag nanocrystals can be compared to icosahedral particles. This shape is forbidden by classical crystallography but for these particles, the bulk atoms are not in their lowest-energy configurations, but their surface atoms are in more favorable positions. A non supported icosahedron has 20 equilateral triangular faces, 12 vertices, and 30 edges. Five faces meet at each vertex. Three possible high symmetry orientations for supported icosahedral particles are experimentally observed. In the â??face orientation.â?? the nanocrystal has a face as its top surface which is parallel to the substrate plane. In the â??edge orientation.â??, the nanocrystal has an edge at the top which is parallel to the substrate plane, and in the â??point orientationâ?? the nanocrystal has a point at the top.


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