"Take a look at the reciprocal space!"

Mr MIGUEL MORENO UGEDA. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain)

Image Description:
Even when SPM techniques work in real space, the reciprocal space is also accessible from SPM data and helpful to researchers. Fast fourier transformations (FFT)of SPM images provide us information about for example lattice periodicities or electron dynamics. The present image merges both spaces. In blue and yellow, the 3x3 phase of Sn/Ge(111)acquired with STM. The underlying sharp peaks in red and white come from the calculated FFT of the topographic image. Two periodicities are clearly recongnised, the (r3xr3)30º (red peaks) and the 3x3 one (white peaks). The image stands out the importance of the FFT by means of an easy but clear example.


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