SPMage07 Edition

The SPMage 2007 edition took place between March 2007 and September 2007, thanks to the disinterested financial support of the following institutions: Researchers from more than 30 countries participated in the contest submitting more than 300 images with a higher scientific and artistic quality. More than 9000 Euros were handed over in prizes.

Finalist Images were selected in two phases. The first one was performed by a technical committee formed by 27 researchers, whereas the second evaluation step was accomplished by an International Jury, composed of international prestigious scientists, science dissemination experts, journalists and artists, selected the five winning images of this edition, taking into account both their scientific and artistic qualities. We believe that the SPMAGE07 contest has identified some of the most beautiful and impressive images of the nanoworld.

The Organising Committee acknowledges all the participants, the members of the International Jury and the technical committee, and sponsors for supporting this initiative. The competition has been also supported by projects Nanoobjects-cm (S0505/MAT-0303) Madrid Regional Government, Spain, and Atomic Force Microscopy and Nanosystems (NAN2004-09183-C10) Spanish Government

SPMage07 Images Awarded:

FIRST PRIZE (5000 €)

"Nano rings" Andreas Fuhrer
ETH Zürich, Zürich (Switzerland)


THIRD PRIZE (1250 €)

"The surface of human red blood cells after treatment with antibiotic peptide" Luciano Paulino Silva
EMBRAPA Recursos Genéticos e Biotecnología, Brasilia (Brazil)
"Root" Konstantin Demidenok
Leibniz-Institut Für Polymer Forshung, Dresden (Germany)



"Thymine integrated circuits grown on silver terminated silicon (111) R3 x R3" Cornelius Krull
Freie Universität Berlin (Germany)

"Daisy flowers in the nanoworld" Carmen Munuera
ICMM-CSIC, Madrid (Spain)

SPMage07 International Jury:

  • Ron Reinferberger
  • Purdue University, USA
  • Klaus Kern
  • Max Planck Institute, Germany
  • Miquel Salmerón
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
  • Jacques Miltat
  • CNRS-Université Paris-sud, France
  • Oscar Custance
  • Osaka University, Japan
  • Arturo M. Baró
  • ICMM-CSIC, Spain
  • Lola Gil
  • Universidad Complutense de Madrid , Spain
  • Malén Ruiz de Elvira
  • "El País" (Newspaper), Spain
  • Ricardo Rodríguez Vita
  • CosmoCaixa-Madrid (Science Museum), Spain

    SPMage07 Technical Committee:

  • Adriana Gil
  • Nanotec SL,Spain
  • Alvaro Sao Paulo
  • CSIC-CNM-IMM, Spain
  • Amadeo Vázquez de Parga
  • UAM, Spain
  • Carmen Ocal
  • CSIC-ICMAB, Spain
  • Celia Rogero
  • INTA, Spain
  • Cristina Gómez Navarro
  • MPI for Solid State Research, Germany
  • Esther Barrena
  • MPI for Metal Research, Germany
  • Fernando Moreno
  • CSIC-CNM-IMM, Spain
  • Francesc Pérez Murano
  • CSIC-CNM-IMB, Spain
  • Iván Brihuega
  • MPI for Solid State Research, Germany
  • Jaime Colchero Paetz
  • UM, Spain
  • José Angel Martín Gago
  • CSIC-ICMM, Spain
  • José Gabriel Rodrigo
  • UANM, Spain
  • José I. Pascual
  • Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
  • José Miguel Martín
  • CSIC-CNM-IMM, Spain
  • José Ortega
  • UAM, Spain
  • Juan de la Figuera
  • UAM, Spain
  • Juan J. Sáenz
  • UAM, Spain
  • Mónica Luna
  • CSIC-CNM-IMM, Spain
  • Oscar Rodríguez
  • UCM, Spain
  • Pedro J. de Pablo
  • UAM, Spain
  • Rubén Pérez
  • UAM, Spain
  • Jose I. Arnaudas
  • UNIZAR, Spain
  • Mª Teresa Cuberes
  • UCLM, Spain
  • Javier Méndez
  • CSIC-ICMM, Spain
  • Celia Polop
  • UAM, Spain
  • Felix Zámora
  • UAM,Spain

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