SPMage Prize: Terms and Conditions


The SPMAGE09 is open to anyone over the age of 18, currently developing his/her research work in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Materials Science, etc, pertaining to a research group of an Institution, research Organization or Company, that uses Scanning Probe Microscopy as tool to explore the nanoworld.
Employees of Nanotec Electronica SL and its agents, retailers, distributors, suppliers, advertising and promotion agencies and their immediate families are not eligible to participate.
Each participant can submit only one image.
By entering, it is understood that you have agreed to adhere to these rules. Failure to comply with and accept all of the present rules will disqualify any entry.


The SPMAGE Prize is restricted to scientific images obtained using SPM techniques (STM, AFM, MFM, SNOM, etc). Theoretical simulations of SPM images are also welcome.


The person entering the competition must be the owner of the images and be able to provide evidence of this on request.
Images may not be under consideration for publication or prizes elsewhere.
Only original work may be submitted. If the image has been published, appropriate written permission from the journal editor to participate in the prize, to post the image on a web site, or to any other non profitable activity related to this competition (with citation to the original work) must be submitted along with the image.
Those images that participated in the SPMAGE past edition cannot participate in the last SPMAGE Edition.


The participants will submit their images between November 15th 2008 and March 1st 2009 using the online registration system provided by the SPMAGE09 organization.
Those entries received later than March 1st 2009 will not be eligible for prizes.
Prize winners will be notified by June, 2009.


Images and some mandatory additional information (author identification, image description, etc) must be submitted using the online registration www.icmm.csic.es/spmage
Images are entered at the entrants risk and the organisation cannot accept liability for any loss or damage occurring to any images received.
There is not entry fee.


To provide a uniform basis for the evaluation of all images entered into the competition, any image submitted should correspond to experimental or theoretical SPM data and must be processed using a special version of the SPM freeware software WSxM. This designated version of WSxM is available for free download at www.nanotec.es. Images processed using other graphic software will not be accepted. WSxM reads most of the SPM commercial file formats.
Only electronic files will be accepted. Please do not send photographic prints, good quality laser jet prints, photo copies, slides or CDs.
Author names, titles, references to the author or author’s group, etc., should not appear either on the SPM image nor in the scientific description caption. Organization strongly recommends that scales, axis, etc, do not appear on the SPM image.
Image files must be in jpeg (.jpg) format, with good image resolution. The maximum file size must be 3MB per image.
SPMage will request to the winner participant a higher resolution version of the winner image.
A set of images will be selected for exhibition and catalogue purposes. Authors of those selected SPM images will be requested for a high resolution version of such images.


The five images selected by the International Jury will receive monetary prizes as follows:
    • 5000 € (First Prize)
    • 2500 € (Second Prize)
    • 1250 € (Third Prize)
    •   600 € (Fourth Prize)
    •   600 € (Fifth Prize)

Prizes may not be transferred or assigned. Only the prizes described in these rules will be awarded.
All applicable federal, national, state and local taxes, if any, on the prize are the winner's sole responsibility.

Should the quality of entries fall below the standard required, the SPMage09 Prize Organisation reserves the right not to award prizes.


All images will be judged by an international panel of prominent researchers in the field of SPM as well as experts in scientific photography and scientific dissemination.
SPM Images will be judged on the basis of their scientific quality, originality, imagination, visual impact, and ability to capture relevant aspects of the Nanoscale.
After deliberation, the panel will choose a maximum of 5 winning images. The decision of the panel of judges will be final.
The Jury also will select a set of SPM images to be shown in several exhibitions. A suitable agreement form should be signed by the authors with the approval of the director of their institution. These images will also be used to edit a catalogue or additional graphic material as posters, brochures, etc, and they will be posted on the SPMAGE web page.


All submitted images may be used by the SPMAGE Prize Organisation at its discretion in non-profit promotional activities of the own SPMAGE Prize and future editions of the contest, without compensation to the images authors. SPMAGE organization will credit the author and his organisation/institution/company every time these images be used. These promotional activities may include, but are not limited to: website display, screensaver distribution or wallpaper entry, press releases, brochures, catalogues, dissemination materials and exhibitions.

SPMAGE Prize Organisation also retains the right to use winning images for their own editorial or promotional purposes.

By participating, winners agree to allow the organisation of the SPMAGE Prize to post their names online as a contest winner without further compensation. Except where prohibited, by accepting prizes the winners agree to the use of their names, addresses and images for advertising or publicity purposes without further compensation.

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