International Scanning Probe Microscopy Image Contest

The initiative of the SPMage Prize arouse from a group of Spanish Researchers related to the nanoscience World and especially with the Scanning Probe Microscopy area, within two spanish research project; Nanoobjects-cm (S0505/MAT-0303) and Atomic Force Microscopy and Nanosystems (NAN2004-09183-C10). These Researchers belong to Material Science Institute of Madrid-CSIC (Dr. Arturo M. Baró, Dr. Agustina Asenjo Barahona, Dr. Pedro A. Serena) and Autonomous University of Madrid (Dr. Julio Gomez Herrero, Dr. Jose Maria Gomez Rodriguez).

SPMage Prize is a non-profitable event  by the unique aim of recognizing the important and innovative contributions that scanning probe microscopy has made to science.

Any image submitted to SPMage Prize and shown in this website may be use for non-profitable purposes with the unique requirement of citing the source, SPMage Prize and its link (, and the corresponding author, its institution and country. For any other use, please contact with the SPMage team (Contact Us).

The last and the actual editions were and will be carried out thanks to disinterested work of researchers, organizers, collaborators, and jury; as well as the non-profitable financial support provided by different public and private institutions, from inside and outside of the scientific world.
This is a great necessary help without which this project, SPMage Prize, would have not been possible.

Trusting in the success of this and the future editions, we are open to any interested participant and also any interested collaborator who would like to share these objectives.

Also aiming to make the Scanning Probe Microscopy world known to the society, several exhibitions showing a selection of the best SPMage07 images have been and are still taking place now, hoping to enlarge this event increasing participants and opening it to wherever places in future editions.

Organizers do appreciate to all past and future participants, collaborators, founders, sponsors and all others who with their wonderful work have help to obtain the great success of the first edition, the launch of this second edition and the continuity of these events.

Thanks to you all,

The Organising Committee

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