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The Scanning Probe Microscopy Service of the ICMM-CSIC was recently established as an internal an external service to provide additional surface characterization in a broad range of research activities. The SPM Service facilities are an AFM-MFM system from Nanotec Electronica and a new HV-MFM. The AFM-MFM system is mainly use to characterize different surface properties:

  • Topographic properties (three-dimensional surface imaging, surface roughness, grain size, step heigh).
  • Magnetic properties operating in MFM mode (domain distribution in thin films and nanostructures and local magnetization reversal processes)
  • Electrical properties (Conductive Scanning Probe Microscopy and Kelvin Probe Microscopy).
  • Mechanical properties (nanoindentation and adhesion maps).
Our SPM system works under different conditions: ambient conditions, gases, controlled humidity, HV (high vacuum) and under magnetic fields up to 0.1T applied in plane and out-of-plane.

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