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Theory of Materials


We are committed to communicating our research interests to the general public. Two members of the department Belén Valenzuela and Pedro A. Serena participate in the Scientific Culture Committee of ICMM  and many of us prepare outreach material and organize different activities: guided tours to ICMM, talks at schools and Science Museums, workshops during the Science Week, books, articles … Here we highlight our most recent activities (all linked documents are in spanish):

Outreach Materials:

TV series ¿Qué sabemos de … Nanotecnología?

in UNED cannel in TVE2 (2013-2015). Pedro Serena is co-scriptwriter and interviewer in the 17 chapters which have been emitted.
  1. El Grafeno
  2. Nanotubos de carbono
  3. Magnetismo
  4. De la nanociencia a la nanotecnología
  5. Nanomedicina
  6. Nanoelectrónica
  7. Biomedicina
  8. Nanotecnología y Química
  9. El vino
  10. Fotónica
  11. Nanodispositivos fotónicos
  12. Nanobiotecnología
  13. Técnicas de microscopía
  14. Materiales nanoestructurados: cerámica y vidrio
  15. Biotrasductores de Interacciones Moleculares
  16. Astrobiología y nanotecnología
  17. Nanometrología

Europhysics News Magazine(EPN)

of the European Physical Society. Victor Velasco is the editor. 


Outreach books:

  • ¿Qué sabemos de… la nanotecnología? (2010). Pedro A. Serena is the author
  • El nanomundo en tus manos (2014), Pedro Serena is a co-author.
  • Guía didáctica para la enseñanza de la nanotecnología en educación secundaria (2014). Pedro Serena is co-author of the guide, author of Chapter 3: Algunas cuestiones a tener en cuenta en los procesos de comunicación de la nanotecnología and co-author of the following  educational cards: I.1) Escalas un paseo de lo grande a lo pequeño. I.2) La importancia de los efectos de tamaño en nanotecnología. III.1) Microscopios de fuerzas atómicas: los ojos del nanomundo. IV.1) La nanotecnología de nuestros antepasados.  

Outreach on superconductivity in internet

performed by  María José Calderón, Leni Bascones and Belén Valenzuela.  

Photography exhibition Un paseo por el Nanomundo (2011-2015)

co-organized  by Pedro A. Serena.  In six different versions it has been shown in more than 35 museums, conferences and fairs in Spain and several countries in Latinoamérica.

Video in which Manuel Nieto-Vesperinas talks about the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2014


Face to face activities (years 2014-2015)

  • Guided tours to ICMM

    María José Calderón, Belén Valenzuela, Ramón Aguado, Pedro Serena and Leni Bascones participate in the program of guided tours to ICMM of high school and university students. Belén Valenzuela co-coordinates these visits. Until june 2013 Leonor Chico participated in the coordination.  

  • Science Week

    Every year during the Science Week we organize workshops on superconductivity for primary school kids and general public.  These workshops are coordinated by Belén Valenzuela, María José Calderón y Leni Bascones, who are helped by several members of the department (Ramón Aguado, Pablo San José, Alberto Cortijo, Rafa Roldán, Laura Fanfarillo …)

  • Talks and workshops in museums, schools and other centers.

    • Ciudad Ciencia
      Participation in this program coordinated by CSIC which aims to bring the Science to places which are far from main cities  Rafa Roldán presented the talk Grafeno y la nueva era de los cristales bidimensionales
    • Charlando con nuestros sabios. Series of the Museo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (Municyt). Leonor Chico presented the talk Ondas por todas partes, addressed to 8-10 year old kids (2014).
    • Outreach talks in schools and high-schools.  The researchers of our department often present outreach talks in schools and high-schools. Among recent activities are the talks about superconductivity presented by Belén Valenzuela.

  • Courses and Workshops with High-School Teachers.

    • Workshop: Educational tour at ICMM for high-school teachers. It included two seminars at Centro Territorial de Innovación y Formación (CTIF), one of them presented by  Belén Valenzuela,  and a visit to ICMM, which included the participation of Leni Bascones  (January 2015).
    • Together with the CSIC, the  Dirección General de Mejora de la Calidad de la Enseñanza has launched at ICMM the I edition of the program Materiales Avanzados y Nanotecnología: La Nueva Revolución Industrial.
      (June-July 2015) Pedro A. Serena is one of the organizers of the course, in which María José Calderón y Eduardo Hernández also participate.


  • Hosting ESO students

    Pedro Serena is a member of the committee which organizes the I+D+I program of Fundación San Patricio. This program allows several high-school students to collaborate in research institutes during one week.  Moreover, several members of the department (Gloria Platero, Belén Valenzuela, María José Calderón and Leni Bascones) have participated during the last years in the hosting program ESO+Empresa and hosting students of Liceo Francés.

  • El CSIC en la Escuela

    Pilar López Sancho is a member of the Scientific Committee of this Project funded by the CSIC and the Fundacion BBVA CSIC en la Escuela. She also participates in some of the activities.


Women and Science

Pilar López Sancho is the president , by delegation of CSIC president , of the Committee Women and Science of the CSIC, which studies  the posible causes which difficult the research career of women and propose actions to reach equality between women and men at the CSIC. Moreover she represents to the CSIC in the Working Group on Gender and Diversity in Science Europe.


Postgrado Courses and Research Seminars

Articles and Interviews in the Press and in external blogs



Blog ciencia para llevar, 20 minutos

Web of the Grupo Especializado de Física de Estado Sólido GEFES

María José Calderón belongs to the web committee. Several members of the Department collaborate with outreach articles and brief reviews of research articles:






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