Research. Photonic Materials

Photonic Materials


Our main goal is to develop new materials and structures and explore (improve) new properties and functionalities in the field of photonics. Optical materials and photonic components serve as the basis for systems building at different levels of complexity. In most cases, they perform a key function and dictate the performance of these systems. Novel emerging materials such as low dimensional or nano-scale semiconductors (II-VI, silicon, germanium), organic materials, hybrid organic-inorganic materials, non-linear optical materials, optically active coatings, self organized materials, artificial or metamaterials (subwavelength-structured materials), in particular photonic crystals or negative index materials.


Those are largely the materials that shape the future of photonics, as proved by the optical fibre, the semiconductor heterostructures and they provide endless possibilities.



  • Coatings with optical activity based on dispersions of nanoparticles (Nanolambda)
  • Growth and study of lanthanide doped solid state laser
  • Mixed oxide nanoparticles for pigments and inks
  • Nanostructured materials for space applications: sensors and coatings
  • Novel photochromic materials by the sol-gel method: coating applications
  • Optical and electrooptical properties of gel-glass dispersed liquid crystals (GDLCs)
  • Photonic crystals
  • Photonic glasses
  • Preparation and optical response of nanoparticulated oxides
  • Sol-Gel Coatings for protection against UV radiation





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