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Conditions & Limitations
   You are very welcome to freely download and use any of the information contained  in this page. However, if any of this information is used for publishing scientific material either direct or indirectly, we require at least a proper citation in the corresponding publication (that's not asking for too much, is it?).
    Although you should not hesitate to ask me any questions or doubts, I cannot guarantee, however, assitance on any problems you might have: compiling programs, setting up input files, etc, since this will in general depend on the workload I'll be suffering at the time. In any case, I'll try to improve the guides and examples with the help of your comments.
The green package allows you to perform many types of calculations (electronic, magnetic, transport, etc.), always in the context of one-electron, Tight-Binding (LCAO) Hamiltonians, for almost any kind of system (clusters, slabs, bulk, semi-inifinite, or any combination of the previous...).

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