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Welcome to espacio-ICMM!


There is an initiative so-called "espacio-ICMM" to share what join us for being a researcher or support staff at this institution.


To this end we use Slack which is a cloud tool very easy to use. It is similar to WhatsApp optimized for a work place:


We also encourage you to use the term icmm-nautas as stamp of ICMM meaning personnel working or being trained at ICMM. Icmm-nautas can be also popularized in social networks.


To access to the icmm-nauta slack account you just have to click at and open your account. It only works for emails with extension or If you are new and you do not have an institutional email yet you can ask an invitation to your icmm-nauta coleague.


Once your are in, you will be able to browse for different channels, funk, padel, fútbol, baile (dancing), articles-icmm, scientific-questions, tornillos (screws) and much more such as tips for newcomers icmm-nautas. You can write either in Spanish or in English. You can also open your own channel #channel to find people sharing your own interests. It can be private or public.


We are looking forward to seeing you at espacio-ICMM.

Join us!


Belén Valenzuela Requena, Ext: 131322, Office: 322, email:


ICMM-2021 - Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, 3, Cantoblanco, 28049 Madrid, Spain. Tel: +34 91 334 9000. info @