Equality Commission




  • Guide for reconciling personal, family and work life in the General State Administration (pdf 2,01 MB)

  • II Equality Plan CSIC – 2015. (pdf 322KB)

  • II Plan for Equality between women and men in the General State Administration and its public institutions – 2015. (pdf 2.2MB)

  • ORGANIC LAW 3/2007, of 22 March, for the effective equality of women and men. (pdf 230KB)

  • Protocol of action against violence at work in the General State Administration and public institutions linked to or dependent on it. (pdf 485KB)

  • Protocol for action to combat sexual and gender-based harassment in the general administration of the State and the public institutions linked to it. (pdf 410KB)

  • New Sexual and Sex-Based Harassment Protocol CSIC (pdf 1300KB)



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