Minutes of meeting held in the Ministry of Education and Science for the constitution of the Spanish Committee of Crystallography

In the General Subdirection of Organisms and International Programs of the Ministry of Education and Science, with seat in Madrid, street Jose Abascal 4, being the 12 hours, the meeting for the constitution of the Spanish Committee of Crystallography assigned to the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr), took place on July 7 of 2004, attending to it:

Carlos Miravitlles Torrás. Researcher and Director of ICMBA, CSIC-UAB, as President of Spanish Committee of Crystallography.

Enrique Gutiérrez Puebla. Researcher of the ICMM, CSIC, as Secretary of the Spanish Committee of Crystallography.

Santiago García Granda. Professor of Chemistry and Physics of the University of Oviedo and the President of the Spanish Asociation of Crystallography (GEC).

M. Isabel Arriortúa Marcaida. University professor of Crystallography and Mineralogy of the University of the Basque Country and Vice-president of the GEC.

Pilar Gómez Sal. Professor of Inorganic Chemistry of the University of Alcala and Secretary of the GEC.

Juan Manuel García Ruiz. Professor of Investigation and Director of the Laboratory of Crystallographic Studies of Granada, CSIC-UGR, and President of the Specialized Group of Crystalline Growth of the Real Spanish Societies of Physics and Chemistry.

Jordi Rius Palleiro. Professor of Investigation of the ICMBA, CSIC-UAB and Vice-president of the GEC.

Fernando J. Lahoz Diaz. Professor of Investigation of the ICMBA, CSIC-UNIZAR and Vowel-treasurer of the GEC.

Angeles Yuste Martínez. Head of the Service of Unions and International Programs of the Ministry of Education and Science.

Agenda Items:

1. Constitution of the Spanish Committee of Crystallography.
2. Information of the President and the Secretary .
3. Representation before the ECA.
4. Call of aids for Complementary Actions of the MEC.
5. Elaboration of the proposal of the Spanish Committee of Crystallography of candidates to the Commissions of the IUCr.
6. Requests and questions.

Previous Question: Dña.Angeles Yuste Martinez takes the word to show the interest of General Assistant director Esteban Manrique Reol to preside over the meeting but because of a programmed in advance trip, it has not been possible.

1. Constitution of the Spanish Committee of Crystallography. It will be made up of:

    Carlos Miravitlles Torrás

    Enrique Gutiérrez Puebla

    Pilar Gómez Sal
    Jordi Rius Palleiro
    Santiago García Granda
    M. Isabel Arriortúa Marcaida
    Juan Manuel García Ruiz
    Fernando Lahoz Diaz
    Angeles Yuste Martínez (representative of the General Subdirection of Programs and International Organisms)

The Committee will have the following functions:

  • -To articulate and to coordinate the scientific community of Spanish crystallographers.

  • -To direct the Spanish representation in the IUCr.

  • -To inform to the General Assistant director of the actions that are carried out.

  • -To elevate proposals of candidates to the IUCr.

  • -To facilitate the relations between the Ministry, the International Union of Crystallography and the Spanish scientific community.

  • -To assure the information flow between the different organisms and the scientific community in all the subjects related to the Crystallography.

  • -To elevate to the Ministry, through the General Subdivision, recommendations to improve the situation of the Crystallography in Spain.

  • -To elaborate and to spread an annual memory of activities.

For such aim this committee will meet at least once a year, in the same seat.

2. The President and the Secretary inform about the historical antecedents of the previous committee and the recent interest of the Administration to reactivate the Spanish representations in the international unions and the call of complementary actions of the MEC.

3. It is agreed that the representation of the Committee in the next meeting of the European Cristallographic Association, regional association of the IUCr, will be carried out by the Secretary of the Committee.

4. It is agreed that the Secretary of the present Committee, in representation of the Committee, will prepare the necessary documentation to participate in the effective call of aids for activities of the committees.

5. A relation of candidates to vowels of the Executive Committee is elaborated and from the Commissions of the IUCr, that will be sent to the President and Secretary of the IUCr, once the conformity of the candidates is obtained.

6. As a proposal of the President, the creation of an own Web site is approved, initially in the Web server of the Institute of Science of Materials of Barcelona.

Professor García Ruiz shows the generalized preoccupation by the situation of the education of the Crystallography, that has disappeared actually of the training programs of the Spanish universities and that, however is, more and more, a fundamental discipline for the scientific research, from the Physics, happening through Chemistry, the Science of Materials, Geology to Molecular Biology.

He proposes to impel a Course of annual Fundamental Crystallography, to palliate the formation deficit of the Spanish University in this specialty.

It is shown, in addition, that in the last years many Spanish centers that do not have investigators formed in Crystallography have been equipped with an enviable infrastructure and therefore they cannot obtain any benefit of the equipment of last generation which they arrange.

It is agreed to transmit these restlessness to the MEC and try to motivate that the mentioned course is a reality, trying that different organisms, public and private, would get involved in the course.

At 14 hours the session in Madrid on July 7, 2004 rises

The Secretary of the Spanish Committee of Crystallography

Enrique Gutiérrez Puebla