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C.V. Raman

The CV of C. V. Raman

Portrait of C. V. Raman

Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman (1888-1970), Indian physicist, awarded with the Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery of the inelastic scattering of light (The Raman effect).

  • 1888. Born in Tiruchirapalli, India.
  • 1917–1933. Professor of physics, University of Calcutta.
  • 1922. Publishes ‘Molecular Diffraction of Light.’
  • 1929. Named Sir.
  • 1930. Nobel Prize in physics for his discovery of the Raman effect.
  • 1933. Head of the Department of Physics of the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore.
  • 1934. President of the Indian Academy of Sciences.
  • 1947. Director of the Raman Research Institute, in Bangalore.
  • 1951. Publishes ‘The New Physics; Talks on Aspects of Science.’
  • 1970. Dies in Bangalore.

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